Crystal Saga Farm and Earn Money Guide


Crystal Saga Farm and Earn Money Guide by stolatos

hello, i just want to write something about farming because i felt sad for my friend who wastes his opportunity to earn on a daily basis, so i realized others might have been ignoring it too?

SO, to those who doesnt know or those who doesnt even bother, there is money in farming?

if you reach level 50, go to the villager in Bloodfang village, as to his location, you can pass by him when you got o the mayor of the village?

now about earning money,

for level 50 and you are too lazy and unfriendly,

1. get the quest from the villager
2. you only have only chance per day to do the quest
3. after getting the seed, you can proceed to the event / quest area
4. plant your seed and leave?
5. BE SURE TO BE BACK AFTER 15 MINUTES!!!!! (its just an average, when your plant becomes ready to harvest, you still have 20 minutes to harvest the plant, if you cant harvest it?..BANG?. money down the drain)
6. even though you did not tend your plant, it will still give you at least 100 crops to harvest which is enough for the requirement?

but: if you are hardworking,

follow #?s 1-3
4. plant your seed and remove or clean anything that tries to destroy your plant? do this until your plant becomes ready for harvest
5. your harvest becomes higher and you can turn it in for more money? if you have 50 more pieces at least.. but max of 100 pcs extra so 200 crops all in all.

And if your friendly,

follow #? 1-3
4. plant your seed beside another plant or look for an instance where there is also another person farming(who is the hard-worker type)?
5. ask him if he can clean the impurities that would come to your plant.
6. ask him if he can pm you when your plant is ready to harvest?
* i forgot how much the money you can get from the level 50 quest but i think its 1.5g MINIMUM(100 crops) per day.

Now for level 60+++

you guys have better chances of earning.. you can do it twice a day? and im gonna teach you how to grow your plants at the same time.

1. get the quest from the villager in Bloodfang
2. plant the seed in the even/ quest area
3. go back to the villager
4. get the 2nd planting quest and plant the seed?


if you get the same plant for the two quests, you will only be able to turn it in once(if you havent turned in the first yet)? MEANING you will only earn money good for 1 quest?. now we dont want that do we????

so here?s how to solve the problem though this maybe a little more time consuming:

1. USUALLY, the plant they would give you is the Lilac (for level 60+), plant the seed and take care of it? and it will give you a good yield.
2. turn it in, if you have 100+ but less than 150, it will only take 100 pcs from your stock so you have xx crops left in your inventory, example 148 -100= 48 crops in your inventory after turning in?
3. but if you have 150+ or 200+ it will take 150 or 200 respectively? the higher the crops turned in, the higher the reward. with max of 200 crops.
4. gather the extra crops, do not throw them away? put them in vault
5. for the 2nd seed if you get another Lilac (for example) plant it and tend to it? and it will also give you a high yield? now, make sure you have at least 200 crops for this? for the 2nd time, only turn in 100 crops and save the other 100 and put to vault?
6. for the next day? when getting the quest, bring your 100 lilacs with you? if you get the lilac seed, you can immediately turn the crops you have?
7. plant the seed, and go back to the villager to get the 2nd seed and you can plant it together with the first? then tend to both at the same time to have high yield so that you can have extra for the following day. (THIS WAY YOU CAN EARN THE MONEY FOR BOTH QUESTS).

*you can always ask somebody to look after your plant, so you dont have to tend to them always?
just dont forget to say thank you?


1. you can get the quest, plant, leave and come back after 20 mins.
2. harvest then turn in.
3. get the 2nd seed, plant, leave and come back after 20 mins.
4. harvest then turn in.

OR be friendly and ask somebody to take care of your plant for you? to have a high yield?

last tips:
1. the higher the # of crops the higher the money you can earn, in level 50 the min is 1.5g (i think) and for level 60 its 3g (for 100 lilac).
2. im not sure with level 50 but for level 60, there are a variety of other stuff you can plant/ grow like the lilac,coffee, peacock and white jade(this gives you 8g for 100 pcs)? as far as i know?
3. always be friendly, cuz some are very diligent in taking care of their crops so you can butt-in and ask if they can extend their help?
4. after being ready for harvest, your crops only have 20 minutes before it expires so be sure to harvest them ahead or on time?

if you have any questions just comment below?

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