Crystal Saga Fast Leveling Guide


Crystal Saga Fast Leveling Guide?by Angel.Blade

This is my first guide so be gentle with any criticism

I see lots of people asking for hints and tips on fast leveling so here?s what ive found works best for me

Play the game as much as you can, you wont be able to level up if you arent on

ok here we go

From lvl 1 ? 30?. It is straight forward enough just do the quests, they are simple quests and most of them to give you a feel for how the game works.
level 30 can be achieved in a mere few hours

From lvl 30 ? 40.?Things do get a little slower from now on but as before stick with the quests, but now you can participate in events which will help you along.

LADDER:- The higher you climb the more experience you get, once per day
BLESSED BATH:- Gain experience every few seconds, twice per day (unless you have VIP)
STARGLADE TOUR:- Gives experience for every completed quest 10 per day (also gives honor)
SENGOLIA BATTLEGROUND:- Gain experience for every tower that falls, twice per day (also gives honor)
DAILY HUNT:- Gives experience for every quest completed 20 per day (also a chance to win morph crystals)
GUESSING GAME:- At level 35 you can enter (15 minute free torch)

If you do these events/Quests every day you will get to level 40 in no time at all
I recommend activating free VIP at this stage,
you gain x2 exp that can be stacked on for you and your pet.

From 40 ? 80.?. At this stage you get new events you can participate in for even more experience.

DAY IN VIDALIA :- (this replaces starglade tour) Gives experience for each quest completed 10 per day (also gives gift boxes)
TRAINING GROUNDS:- THIS IS POSSIBLY ONE OF THE BEST EVENTS FOR GAINING EXP!!!!! i recommend waiting for seignor time and Guild experiance before doing this event you can also add your own x2/x3 exp tokens,
At lvl 50 you can also activate your zodiac which can give you another x2/x3 experience if you activate all these things before you do the Training grounds you will gain some awesome experience.
CHAMBERS OF FATE:- If your lucky enough and strong enough you might be able to start killing mobs in the exp rooms (good exp IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT)
SEED OF LIFE:- Available from lvl 50, every crop successfully handed in you gain experience.
THE CRYPT:- Every level you climb you gain experience.
REDEMPTION:- Kill a mini boss for experience (also gives honor)

When you complete all these Events/Quests daily, its grinding time always grind with x2/x3 experience token ( you can set experience tokens in your afk bar so you can use em consecutively, this is perfect for grinding overnight).
Join as many Torch parties as possible.
DONT FORGET use your titles to your advantage

Once you Hit level 80 rebirth immediately and repeat.
When you obtain your sperion get the ?beast heart? Gem combination as quickly as possible not only does it increase your Patk and Matk it gives you a good exp boost and an increased drop rate.

When you use the ?beast heart? gem combo, zodiac, seignor time, Guild exp, ?bad to the Bone? title, your own x2/x3 experience token + your VIP x2 exp all together before you enter the Training grounds you will be amazed how fast you fly through the levels. (At this time i usually log off until the Chambers of fate begins so i gain all the same experience building boosts)

That?s pretty much it so good luck and i hope this helped at least a little

Feel free to add any comments im sure i have missed something along the way

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