Crystal Saga Getting a Mount Quest Without Spending Crystals Guide


Crystal Saga Getting a Mount Quest Without Spending Crystals Guide by Inverse

Wazzup you cheap people!!!!

Nah just kidding!

Well basically if you wanna finish the optional quest quickly and get your 20 Heroic wings reward to upgrade your wings, you could just buy crystals
and buy the mount upgrades in order to complete it.

But if you?re not the type who wanna waste money on virtual money or whatever. There is one way to complete it:

Trading crystals with gold

The most common way is getting someone (who has crystals) to buy them for you and you trade it with your gold?

Normally right now, the cost of 75 crystals (which is the cost of one mount upgrade in the shop) is 1 gold.?..


Now in the game its easy to get alot of gold. You pretty much just go nuts and loot as much rubbish items as you can and sell them to any of the vendor shops.

Another Point to make is that although its easy to get the gold to trade with crystals to get mount upgrades. It is TOUGH to upgrade the mount itself as it requires LUCK to upgrade them. So what i meant by luck is that when you upgrade a mount. There is a chance (Big chance) that it would fail at your first try (which means loosing your hard earned mount upgrades).

But not to worry because when you do upgrade a mount and fail, you actually gain luck. that is everytime it fails. which means it is inevitable for you to upgrade your mounts (Well only if you are patient). Don?t think its unfair, those who buy crystals to get them also go through the same path as non-spenders. So its quite obvious that they(those who have scorpion and/or black panther mount(s)) spend TONNES of crystals to get them.
So when you see one of those people, give them a virtual pat at the back.

To upgrade baby turtle mount to black panther:
You need 5 mount upgrades to upgrade them (if your lucky). Most of the time because of the ?LUCK System? You need about 15 mount upgrades max i reckon.

To get scorpion mount:
Upgrade Rabid Raccoon. Requirements: 12 Mount upgrades and black panther (again if your lucky), 36 max of mount upgrades.

To summaries it:
-Loot rubbish items,
-Sell ?em to any vendors,
-Save lots of Gold/Get rich,
-Find someone who have crystals/buy mount upgrade with your gold,
-Collect required amount of mount upgrades and upgrade them to get your scorpion and if it is success,
-Pat yourself at the back(if your a loner)/Get someone to pat you at the back because you deserve it!!!

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