Crystal Saga Guild In Depth Guide


Crystal Saga Guild In Depth Guide by grjonagrautur

This is for both people wanting to make a guild and people who are regular members.
(EDIT: NightNight?s guide has some info that mine doesn?t have, so after you read mine you can read theirs here: Crystal Saga Guild Management Guide. )

Making a guild:

By going to the Guild Management Officer in Starglade you can create or join a guild. Creating a guild costs 5 gold. Joining a guild is free.

Anyone can apply to join your guild after you make one. You have to manually click ?Applications? on the Guild menu and see if anyone has submitted any ? you will not get any kind of alerts that someone has submitted one. In addition, you can only accept applications when the player who submitted it is online. Anyone in the guild can accept applications this way, or can at least view them.

You can also click on a player?s name in the chatbox or click on them on the screen and select ?Invite to guild?. If they accept, they?ll be in your guild without having to go through the application process. Class Heads and above (at least) can invite people to the guild this way.

One thing you can do for your members is to give them 2x EXP once daily. Go to the Guild Management Officer and it should be an option to choose from him. I think only the Guildmaster can activate it. It also only works for members who are online at the time, if you log in two minutes after activation sadly you won?t get the double EXP.

Guild Points
Progress points are usually given to the guild at the same time as when you yourself get contribution points. Progress points do nothing other than help the guild level up. Leveling up means that the guild can hold more people, you can have more guild quests daily, and can have higher guild skill levels (read on to find out about all of these).

Your guild will not automatically level up. Once you have enough progress points, the Guildmaster has to click on ?Upgrade? on the bottom of the guild menu window and then pay a small amount of money (upgrading to level two costs 5 copper, three costs 25 copper).

?Title?, where we?ve put silly things like ?hamster?, isn?t really used for anything and you can put nicknames or the like in there. No one can see them except for other guild members when they go to view this window.

Near the top you can see ?Guild Master: Porridge, Guild: 17, Total: 117?. The last two refer to the number of contribution points you?ve put into the guild yourself. 17 is what you have right now, and 117 is the total number you?ve put in.

If you click ?Manifesto? or ?Announcement? to change them, this will erase the current ones and you can?t get them back. You can?t view the old ones either. ?Manifesto? is what people who aren?t in the guild will see when they look at your guild stats in Starglade at the Guild Management Officer. ?Announcement? is only viewed where you see it in this screenshot.

Clicking ?Promote? at the bottom of the menu window will not promote anyone ? it?s a window for editing the titles for everyone in the guild. Using this you can change ?Recruit? to be ?Rocket Grunt? for example, so everyone on ?recruit? level will be on ?rocket grunt? level. This screenshot is just telling you that only one person in the guild can have the title of Guild Master, only two can have the title of Assistant Guild Master, etc. It will automatically stop you from being able to promote, say, five Guild Masters.

To actually promote/demote someone, click on their name and the option will appear. You can?t skip promotions, so if you want to promote them five spots up you?ll have to click five times. You can also change their ?Title? here. To set someone else as the Guildmaster, click ?Set as Guild M?. The player you choose has to be online or you can?t change them to be the Guildmaster, however there is no rank requirement for them so you can set even the lowest-ranked person to Guildmaster if you want.

Contribution points are your personal points that you get when helping your guild. By going to the Guild Management Officer in Starglade and clicking ?Guild Benefits?, you can exchange your contribution points for items:

30 points ? Guild Contribution pack (possible prizes include: (all items are bound) Wheel of Fate (7 Day), level 1 Pet skills book, maturity whip, Sands of Time, Pet EXP orb, Moderate Enchantment Crystal, 3x Pet EXP token, Blessing Stone).
So far from the contribution packs I?ve gotten: Wheel of fate 1, 3x Pet EXP token 1 (total: two contribution packs)
60 ? Teeka Egg
100 ? Vault Expander
150 ? Pet Skill Expander
180 ? Sands of Time

You can also spend your contribution points on leveling up the guild skills. For level one, 20 points plus 1 gold can level up any of the guild stats so that (I think) everyone in the guild can have improved stats. But in order for you to be able to level up skills, the guild itself has to first have 4 silver in the bank and your Guildmaster has to ?upgrade? the skill so it can be upgraded by anyone. Otherwise, even if you have enough money and points, you can?t upgrade the skill. This screenshot is the thing the Guildmaster has to upgrade once you get enough silver in the guild.

This is what anyone in the guild can improve once the ?main leveling? of it has been done.

Example of one of the stats you can upgrade.

Ways to earn Contribution points:

2 points ? Blessed bath. You can do the blessed bath 2 times daily, and you can even do it alone if you want (just click on ?party? on the bottom navigation bar, create a party, then just enter the Blessed bath. You can also enter a few dungeons this way when you don?t want to do them with anyone else.)
Reward: 2 contribution, 2 progress, 10 honor, EXP based on your level and how well you did in the bath

2 points ? donating 1 gold. You can donate a total of 5 gold per day, and the guild actually gets 1 copper for each gold. Go to the Guild Management Officer and click ?Guild Contribution? to donate. The guild will not get progress points, you?ll only get contribution points.

1 point ? Daily Hunt quests (you must be level 30 or over). You can do this 20 times per day (it says 50, but after you do ten or fifteen the amount changes to 20, some kind of glitch?). Go to the Starglade Gate Guard and accept a quest from him, it will usually be ?kill 35 monsters? and the monsters will be relative to your level. So if you?re level 30, you?ll be killing monsters in Twilight Caverns. If you?re level 40, it might be in Tundara or the Underwater Caverns.
Reward: Guild progress 1, Guild contribution 1, Honor 5, experience determined by your level.
After your 5th and 10th quests in the same day, you have a chance to win an Elite Pet Token. I don?t know what your chances are, or if you get a chance every 5 attempts per day and not just on your fifth and tenth finished quest.

1 point ? Guild Management Officer quests. Go to him and click ?Daily Guild Quests?. The only problem with this is that these quests are for EVERYONE in your guild, so if you do one then that means someone else just lost a chance to do that same one.
Reward: Guild progress 1, 2 copper in the Guild?s funds, Guild contribution 1, 25 honor, experience determined by your level.

At guild level 1 there are five possible attempts per quest, guild level two upgrades it to 6 possible attempts and you get more varied quest levels.

Click here

There?s a bunch of daily quests here, some that you can do for both honor and guild points.

10 points ? Guild Resource (1 time daily): You run around a special field collecting crops. When I did it I expected to be attacked by other players all the time but so far I?ve only been attacked a few times and by people around the same level as me, so there was little chance of me dying. To turn in the resources once you have enough, you exit the field and talk to the Guild Management Officer ? but if you die and the resources are in your inventory, even if you die just while doing the blessed bath, you?ll drop all of at least one type of resource upon death.
Reward: Progress 10, contribution 10, honor 250, bronze honor badge 12

2 points ? (click ?2. Event?) The Training (2 times daily): Battle tons of monsters. I haven?t done this myself yet.
Reward: Progress 2, contribution 2, honor 10, lots of experience.

2x points ? (click ?7. Guild?) Nimbus Crystal. If your guild killed Gotor (a boss guy) then you can try and steal a gem and transport it to the Guild Management Officer, if you succeed you get the(?) gem and ?2x? contribution points, not sure if this means two times what you currently have or two points. I haven?t done this myself either, nor talked to anyone who has.

1 point ? Starglade Tour (10 times daily, must be under level 40): Run around town buying super cheap items to deliver to NPCs, or talk to NPCs, etc. This is really easy and fast to do, you can do all ten in under ten minutes.
Reward: 1 coupon, level-based EXP (about 1% of exp is what I get per quest), contribution 1, progress 1, honor 5

There are some other Guild-related things you can do like the Guild Battleground, but I haven?t done them so I don?t know anything about them. If I ever do them I?ll be sure to update this with what it?s like.

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