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Crystal Saga Hybrid Holy-Blood Priest Guide by Asura1

i. introduction.
hello! Welcome to my Hybrid Holy- Blood priest guide Guide. *pokes post title.* Thank you also for the effort on clicking and reading this. Before anything else under the sun, I would like to tell to each and everyone that I am not an expert or whatsoever. I purely made this to help my fellow newbies in making such a priest. Yes, you read it right. I?m still a newbie too. ^^

I would also like to ask for your kindness. This is my first time to make a guide.

ii. Priest
I don?t like to hurt my brain on thinking what should the section title say.

Anyway, what is a priest , by the way? Priests are people who excel in magic and buffs. And I think you are making a priest because you like magic/support, or you like to use magic. But either way, a choice of being a priest is cool. ^^

Being a Holy ? Blood priest means, you kick the enemies butts hard while you can heal your party members who had been kicked on their butts too, and give them support. Cool isn?t?

Like they say, no one is perfect. This is also the same as we do on builds. No build is perfect. So, be aware of the disadvantages and advantages of being a holy blood priest.

The Advantages of this build is that, you can heal, you can kill hard. The next thing is, you do not need a hp potion. Like, duh. You can heal yourself too and you will not need to buy MP POTS and this build is best for PvE cuz I promise when you go AFK mode YOU WILL NEVER DIE.. Unless someone will PK you. To avoid this go to peace mode first so the AFK PROTECTION will protect you from PKERS .

While the disadvantages of this build is that, You cannot have skills that will ressurect a player, a skill that will give your allies a + def..

iv. Stats build

Your stats build must be 2Endurance 1Int. Once you got at least 10k HP go pure int so you heal will be stronger and your magic damage.

v. Skills

*Light Heal* This is your basic healing. In lvl 1-40 just stay the level on lvl 1. This is very useful for PvE . Or if your at AFK mode this is important skill so you cannot die. This skill cost very low MP.
? At Level 1 HP will be restored 167% of healing stat + 18 At level 2. HP will be restored 172% + 100. Sorry I dont know the level 3 ,4 and 5 ill update this soon. (requires lvl 1)

*Holy Light* This is your skill that will heal you over 12 seconds. In 1-40 stay this on lvl 1. This is very useful too in PvE while at AFK mode. Light Heal + Holy Light heal = 100% Sure you will not die in monsters. (except you kill so very high monsters like bosses.)
? At Level 1 this skill will heal you over 12seconds 90hp per 2 seconds. At Level 2 122hp per 2 seconds. Dont know 3, 4 and 5. I?ll update this soon.
( requires lvl 10)

*Saint?s Strength* I dont know. This skill is useless. This is just for support priest because this will increase your healing while lowering your magic dmg. So just lvl this on lvl 1. (requires lvl 20)

*Healing Wave* Wooot. This is your best healing because you can heal your party members and yourself. But the cooldown sux. 12 secs.
-At Level 1 this skill will heal party members 124% + 612. At level 2 124% + 680. Same, Dont know 3 , 4 and 5. Ill update this soon. lol. (requires level 30)

*Improved Holy Light* lol i think this is the best healing skill. good for PvE again.
At Level 1 432hp per 2secs over 12 seconds. At level 2 470 per 2secs over 12 seconds. . again dont know the lvl 3 , 4 and 5. (requires level 50)



*Blood Beam* Max this . This is your basic attack skill from level 1 ? 40.
-At level 5 80%Magic attack + 134 . + 4.5% Current HP. Sorry I can?t see the lvl 1 . 2 .3 and 4. lol anyway thats not important . the important is max this skill. (requires lvl 1)

*Life Drain* I dont know this skill.. nevermind this. just level this on lvl 1 (requires lvl 20)

*Blood Pact* This is your nuke skill. This skill will damage your enemy so high. But Mine is only level 1. Maybe when your higher (45-60) try to add this for damage. but the cooldown sux. So you can only use this one time for one monster. >.<
-At Level 1 80%Magic attack + 500 attack +6% current HP. ? At Level 2. 80%Magic attack + 552 + 6.2% of current hp (requires lvl 30)

*Improved Blood Beam* ? This is your basic attack skill once you reached lvl 40+.
-At Level 1 80% Magic attack + 449 + 4% of current hp. At level 2 80% Magic attack + 487 + 4.1% of current HP.


*Tenacity* Just leave this on lvl 1.
? At level 1 Crit dmg reduced by 4%. At level 2 Crit dmg recued by 8% . Dont know 3, 4, and 5.

*Bloodflow* Leave this on lvl 1
-At Level 1 your attack will increase by 3% as long as you have hp above 70%. At level 2 your attack will increase 6%.

*Enchanced Circulation* Leave this on level 1.
? At level 1 Your HP rate will increase 8. While it reduces Incoming magic damage by 3%. At level 2 Your HP rate will increase 13. While it reduces Incoming magic damage by 6%.

? At level 5 you will receive 2989k HP

*Bloodfog Totem* Dont know this yet. You will get this skill on lvl 60.
? I think this skill will let you go stealth mode. XDD sorry dont know this yet. Nevermind this.

*Curse Mastery* Will increase your HP and let you learn lvl 1 curses. Try to max this
? At level 1 Max hp will increase 2%, lvl 2 Max hp will increase 4% , lvl 3 Max hp will increase 6% lvl 4 Max hp will increase 8% lvl 5 Max hp will increase 10%

NOTE . Once you receive blood beam skill. press V then put blood beam in DEFAULT this will your basic attack..

vi. Leveling.

In leveling, just do quests and some daily quest then once you dont have quest left, go grinding (grinding means kill monsters to level). Fight monsters 4 levels above you.. Remeber to use 1.5exp or 2exp cards to boost your exp while grinding . Don?t waste your 1.5/2exp cards!

vii. GEMS.
I recommend put jade gems for HP. High HP = High Survival . But you can use Topaz too for Magical Damage )

REMEMBER!!! When you go AFK mode. Go to PEACE MODE. So AFK PROTECTION will protect you from PKERS.

My IGN name is Asura . For any questions just PM me ingame.


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