Crystal Saga Hybrid Priest Detailed Guide


Crystal Saga Hybrid Priest Detailed Guide by PoisonStarglade

OK so i have finally decided to share with you guys my build for a successful Hybrid Priest.

In this guide i will ADVISE you with my opinions for best skills.. attributes and soul, with pictures of what i have on my accounts.

First off i would like to inform you that this build is BRILLIANT when starting new servers as it gives you an edge on farming vault solo at lower levels allowing you to gain Heroic Wings and Mount Upgrade Tokens a lot faster than other classes who have to party up and share loots. It also levels up fairly fast i always hit top 10 levels when servers first open with it
so here goes.. hold ya breath..

Firstly we have the attribute points. Most people who make a hybrid priest go for 2 intellect points 1 endurance point per level.. i however do not.. i go pure
intellect all the way, defence will be gained through the soul section you will see in a bit.

here you will see my Intellect is ALOT higher than the other stats
The higher your intellect is the higher your MATK and HEAL are going to be this is what you want to focus on with your stats.

Next we have your skills. Use your first 2 skill points into Bloodbeam and Light heal and then save your skill points until level 10.


Light Heal
Light heal is The Only healing spell your Hybrid priest is going to use.

Guardian?s Protection
Guardians Protection is a VERY usefull buff Adds to your defence.


Pure In Heart
I personally never use this skill, it is just a requirement to attain higher level skills. Keep it at level one.

This is a pretty useless skill even though the idea is kinda cool? helps in ladder i guess.. once again only needed to attain
higher level skills. Keep it at level one.

Angel?s Blessing (passive)
Here we go, the first of the cool skills. you want this at level 5 as soon as possible, level 5 gives 10% hp and mana restored every 10 seconds, enabling you to solo bath, Cool right? also helps in PVP as its like another potion

Circle Of Power
And here is the second cool one, you want to max this as soon as possible also, Circle of power level 5 is a 30 minuite buff
that adds 25 % and +50 to yours and anyone around you?s attack values, VERY NICE.

That is all the skills i use from the Holy side.

Blood Skills

Blood Beam
The first attack skill you should learn, Keep it at level one. Make this your main attack at level 6.

Life Drain
I personally dont use this, Once again i required skill to unlock higher ones that are needed, keep it at level one.

Blood Pact
Keep this at level one, a nice little attack with a fairly high damage.

Improved Blood Beam
A upgraded version of the previous bloodbeam, Keep at level one and change it to your main attack.

Improved Life Drain
Same as before i dont use this, keep it at level one.

Improved Blood Pact
Upgraded version of Blood Pact, much higher damage than the previous, Keep at level one.

Master Blood Beam
ALOT stronger than the previous two, high damage, only level 1 is required, Change it to your main attack.

Curse Mastery
This you only need level one until you have circle of power and Angels blessing lvl 5, once you have spare points upgrade this to higher levels.

Curse Of Weakness (AOE)
Nice little Aoe skill, freezes targets in the area of effect for 2 seconds and lowers there attack by 5% per skill level, i keep this at level 1.

Ring Of Decay (AOE)
This is my favourite of the 3 AOE?s.. freezes targets in the area of effect for 2 seconds and reduces there defence by 5% per level, i max this to level 5.. yes thats 25% defence reduction!!

Phlegmatic Curse (AOE)
This AOE freezes the target for 2 seconds and reduces there movement speed by 40% and 5% more per level of skill,, i keep this at level one.

SO, that?s the skills and the attributes over and done with, now as i mentioned before this build is PURE INTELLIGENCE, the reason why i build pure intelligence is because when i start to work on the soul, i work the ice soul first.. for those of you who are un-familiar with the soul system, the Ice soul is all about defence and endurance and its the first soul u start with, so no need to put stats into endurance as you can get it from there

I hope this guide helps you all to become powerful priests.. and just a note the only TRUE poisons i have made are on Starglade, Tundara and Shrine of Ariel


I use ?
2x emerald and 3 x topaz in weapon
5x amber in Armour
5x amber in boot
2x emerald and 2x topaz in glove
5x sapphire in helmet

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