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Crystal Saga Item Shop Pets and Abilities


Crystal Saga Item Shop Pets and Abilities by Akirye

Heyy guys, Akirye again.
This time ill be covering the item shop pets and their abilities.
This way everyone can plan out what they would want to work towards ahead of time.

Hold control and press ?F? then type in (#1), (#2), etc. to skip to what you want to see.(#1a)Baby Angel
(#2a)Super Angel
(#3a)Burning Angel
(#4a)Baby Demon
(#5a)Super Demon
(#6a)Burning Demon
(#7a)Fire Lord

(#1a)Baby Angel:

Magic Attack Lv1.

Devil Shot Lv1.

Enchanted Flame Lv1.

Breathability Lv1.

(#2a)Super Angel:
~Reserved till i can get screenies~

(#3a)Burning Angel:

Magic Attack Lv1.

Angelic Domain Lv1.

Greater Angelic Aura Lv1.

Power of Faith Lv1.

Physical Attack Lv1.

Fast Attack Lv1.


Armor Piercing Lv1.

Rebirth Lv1.

(#5a)Super Demon:

Physical Attack Lv1.


Satanic Attack Lv1.

Surprise Attack Lv1.

Satanic Curse Lv1.

(#6a)Burning Demon:

~Reserved till later~

(#7a)Fire Lord:

Physical Attack Lv1.

Flamethrower Lv1.

Infernal Destruction Lv1.


~Reserved till later~


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