Crystal Saga Knight Guide


Crystal Saga Knight Guide by Nanashi

Retribution Knight

Let me start by saying that I am no expert and this guide is only a reference for a level 60 character also I will thank you if instead of criticizing me you give me suggestions on how to improve.

Basically a Retribution Knight is a DPS ( damage per second ) speced character so the main point of this build will be to inflict as much damage as possible in the least amount of time.

Str +2 ( Each point increases physical attack and also slighty increases hit points) This is the most important attribute
Agi +0 ( Each point increases dodge, hit, and critical strike ratings) For this build agi is not that important since we are getting the damage and the hit points from Str.
Int +0 ( No comments )
End +1 ( Each point increases character hit points and physical defense ) I suggest adding 1 point of endurance since otherwise the character would be too squishy and you would be requiring to heal a lot which would reduce the time available for grinding.

So what I did was to add 2 points to Str and 1 point to End per level until you reach 90 End, then just pump STR.


Fierce Attack_________1/5 Valiant Slash_________1/5 Iron Blood_________5/5
Slayer Swipe_________1/5 Saber Slash__________1/5 Slow_____________1/5
Improved Fierce Attack 1/5 Crucify______________5/5 Charge___________1/5
Improved Slayer Swipe 5/5 Reckoning___________1/5 Revenge__________1/5
Master Fierce Attack_______Improved Slayer Slash_____Improved Iron Blood5/5
_______________________Shock Blade_____________Bolt of Justice______1/5
______________________________________________Spir it Guard

Total Skill points used: 30

Now you may ask why I selected this skill distribution well?
[Fierce Attack] Only need level 1 since increasing it to level 5 doesnt gives you much attack power
[Slayer Swipe] Same as above, and also you get improved Slayer Swipe later which gives a lot more attack power
[Improved Fierce Attack] Same as Fierce Attack
[Slayer Swipe] Now this skills gives a lot of Damage Output 20% + 1034 at level 1 this is definitely worth upgrading to level 5
[Valiant Slash] Same as Fierce Attack
[Saber Slash] Same as Above
[Crucify] This is skill gives 12% + 776 at level 1 and also is an AoE Deals ranged effect to enemies in a line
[Reckoning] This is a really good skill for pvp since it will purge your enemy from buffs
[Iron Blood] This skill gives a great permanent bonus to physical damage
[Slow] Required for Charge
[Charge] This is a great skill for pvp since you charge towards your enemy slowing his movement by 50% for 4 seconds
[Revenge] Although it gives a nice physical damage bonus it requires you having less than 70% health so meh
[Improved Iron Blood] Now although this skill reduces your physical defense, the bonus it gives to physical damage I?ts so great that is definitely worth upgrading to level 5
[Bolt of Justice] This is a great skill for interupting spellcasting

So as the very first guide I have ever written I hope it helps you, have fun !

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