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Crystal Saga Pets Comprehensive Guide


Crystal Saga Pets Comprehensive Guide by speedeez7

Table of Contents
(IPD) I. Introduction, Purpose, & Disclaimer
(PT) II. Pet Types
(PL) III. Pet Levels
(FAQ) IV. Frequently Asked Questions

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Introduction, Purpose, & Disclaimer

Hello all. This is my first guide (for Crystal Saga). The purpose of this guide is to provide general knowledge for people that want to know more about pets. There have been pet guides on how to tame and skills, but none on general pet knowledge. I am, by no means, a Crystal Saga pet expert. I just made the guide so that people can read and understand a bit about how pets work.

***Note: if you need to find a section quickly, press CTRL + F (for PC) or COMMAND + F (for Mac) and enter in the code in the Table of Contents to go to that section immediately.

Disclaimer: this is a general, comprehensive guide for pets. It is by no means an expert guide for any of your pet troubles, wants, or needs. The guide is here to help you understand how the pet system works in Crystal Saga (CS).

So what?s special about pets? Well, pets in CS have the ability to ?soak up? damage, as well as attack opponents and provide their owners with various buffs or heals. They are very useful for many activities such as Guild Resource, Crystal Quarry, questing, grinding/leveling up, equipment farming, etc. There are, however, various types of pets that can be used by players in-game that will benefit them.

Note: you can buy pet capture scrolls from the Misc. NPC in any town or from the NPC in the pet island.

*** If you ever need to ask/contact me about questions for pets, you can find me in Whisperwind Beach. I?m normally AFK during the day until 1900 server time. My in-game name is Punt.

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Pet Types

There are various types of pets. Specifically, there are four types of pets that are available for all players on Crystal Saga to use. These types of pets are:

1. Baby pets.
2. Regular/normal pets.
3. Morphed pets.
4. Exclusive/special pets.

Baby pets are just what the name says: baby. All baby pets start at Lv.1 regardless of where you catch one and cannot morph. This type of pet can be traded between players, can be re-birthed, and cannot be sold in a shop. Baby pets seldom appear, but when they do, you must bring its HP down and then use a capture scroll just like most other pets. Since there are no Lv.1 capture scrolls, use the capture scroll that corresponds to the level of the regular/normal pet. For example, I will need to use a Lv.80 capture scroll for a baby pet I find in the Lv.80 pet island.

Regular/normal pets are, well, regular/normal. These pets start at Lv.10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80. These pets will always be one of those eight levels (depending on the pet island you go to). They can also be traded between players, cannot be sold in a shop, can be re-birthed, and can be morphed. You must use the corresponding capture scroll with the level of the pet.

Morphed pets are, in most cases, ?better versions? of the regular/normal pets in terms of looks, stats, and skills. There are two ways to get a morphed pet: capture one in the wild or morph a regular/normal pet you have. If you would like to capture a wild morphed, you will have to keep killing pets until a morphed version spawns. As bad as that sounds, it is worth the time invested in trying to find a morphed pet. Morphed pets can be traded between players (a special server message will appear at the top of the screen saying ?XYZ received a morphed XYZ in XYZ?), cannot be sold in a shop, can be re-birthed, and cannot be morphed a second time.

Exclusive/special pets are in a class of their own. What sets them apart from other pets is that they are fairly powerful on their own and have some of the best pet skills and growth rates compared to others (including morphed ones). Pets that belong to this category are Baby Angel/Demon, Super Angel/Demon, Burning Angel, Demon King, Fire Lord, and Teeka. Baby Angel/Demon can be morphed into a Super Angel/Demon, which then can be morphed together with a Fire Lord to create a Burning Angel or Demon Lord depending on what Super pet you have. Fire Lords and Teekas cannot morph. Pets belonging to this category can only be obtained from an egg and/or from morphing and cannot be traded between players or sold from a shop.

?-> Sub-types

What am I referring to in this section? I?m talking about the sub-type of a pet. Pets come in different types of support.

+ Offensive (Physical/Magic): just as the title says, they are the beat-sticks of the pets. They can dish out pretty good damage if they are pure STR/INT. They gain bonuses to STR/INT every time they level up.
+ Defensive: specializes in damage absorption. They absorb 25% of damage (other pets absorb 15%) and gain bonuses from END every level up.
+ Support: specializes in INT and END. They can deal decent magic damage and have camping capabilities. They gain bonuses from INT and END every level up.
+ Balanced: does not specialize in anything. They have balanced stats and are versatile in builds. They gain no bonuses when they level up.

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Pet Levels

Pet levels are important when considering what type of pet to get. All pets can be re-birthed to Lv.1 by using a Pet Rebirth Scroll. You can buy them from the in-game item mall for 325 Crystal or from a player shop selling one for some 10+ gold.

There are two important things to consider in pet levels: pet EXP gain and the default level of the pet you?re trying to obtain/receive.

Pet EXP gain. Pets can gain EXP as long as they are active and following you around. Whether they are set to ATTACK or FOLLOW, they will receive EXP. Pets can receive EXP through a Pet EXP Orb, a wild and random Torch spawn in a PVP area, or from you killing monsters. Pets gain the best EXP in a dungeon or from monsters 3 levels higher than their own. Pets also gain EXP and level up much faster than their owners. Pets will stop gaining EXP when they are 5 levels higher than their owner.

Default level of pet. I did a couple experiments to see if I could use any pet from any island. It turns out that you can trade any baby, regular/normal, or morphed pet without any problem. However, you cannot use a pet whose default level is higher than yours. For example: if you are Lv.57 and you get a Phoenix (Lv.60 pet), you cannot summon that Phoenix until you reach Lv.60. Now let?s say you use a Pet Rebirth Scroll and you reset the Phoenix?s level to Lv.1; you still can?t summon the pet because it?s a Lv.60-type pet. This applies to baby pets. You can only summon pets that are your level or lower. So if you are Lv.57, you can summon pets captured from a Lv.50 or below pet island or an exclusive/special pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before I begin the FAQ section, I?m going to explain a few things below before people start freaking out about this guide.

Pet skills. Pets have a chance of learning a skill every level if there is an open skill slot. You can open pet skill slots by purchasing a Pet Skill Slot Expander from the in-game item mall for 325 Crystal or from a player?s shop in-game for 5g+. The most sought after skills are Charm or any stun-type move, any healing skill (not Healing+), Purification, and Perceptiveness (to unstealth rogues and some priests).

Having multiple pets. This is normally a good idea. If you like to use pets with certain stun/healing/purifying skills when you?re doing dungeon/boss runs, it?s a great idea. I recommend having one main pet though for a particular situation: main attacking pet, main support pet, main tanking pet, etc.

Q: Where can I find XYZ pet?
A: I don?t know. Check one of the pet islands you can access. You access new pet islands every 10 levels starting at Lv.10.

Q: If I use a Pet Rebirth Scroll on my exclusive/special pet, will it lose ALL of its innate/starting abilities?
A: ***Update ? No, it will not. However, it will lose other abilities it learned via level up.

Q: Are there other types of pets not listed on here?
A: Nope. There are sub-types though. You can find that section in (PT).

Q: What?s the best support pet I can get?
A: I?ve heard that Morphed Vultures are one of the best pets because it can learn Healing, Charm, Purification, and Perceptiveness. It can learn Healing+ which is great for healers. However, the best support pet is a Teeka. You can only get these by hatching a Teeka Egg (125 Crystal; 5g per egg in Whisperwind Beach). They automatically come with Healing and Charm.

Q: What?s the best tanking pet I can get?
A: Morphed Bear Cub is one of the best tanking pets.

Q: What?s the best offensive pet I can get?
A: It depends. Technically speaking, the best pets (for everything) are the Demon King and the Burning Angel?although they are a tad difficult to get.

Q: This guide sucks.
A: That?s not a question.

Q: Can I ask you more questions in-game?
A: Sure. Check the Introduction section to find my in-game contact.


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