Crystal Saga PK Items Recommended Guide


Crystal Saga PK Items Recommended Guide by iCrisis

For 11 ? 30 Characters : Shining Set / But Holy Set is more better though shining item will be considered as one of the Holy Set

For 20 ? 40 Characters : Dreamwalker set / But Ethereal Savior Set is much much more better [For Priest] , But Ethereal Dragonslayer set is much much more better [For Knight ] , Demonic Set / But Ethereal Phantom Set is much more better [For Ranger] / But Ethereal Assasin [for Rogue]

For 50 ? 60 Characters : BloodForged Set / Grand Savior BloodForged Set [For Knight]
/Dragonslayers Bloodforged Set [For Ranger] / Phantoms Bloodforged Set [For Mage] / Saints Bloodforged Set [For Priest]

Note :
For 50 ? 60 Character Recommended item Sets is also applicable for high level . Just Enchant them to add some attributes and add Gems . Be Sure those Gems are Shining.

Note :
The Recommended Mount if you want to go PK everyone regardless who are they is the Mystical Scorpion.

The Quality of item Level
White ?> Green ?> Blue ?> Yellow

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