Crystal Saga Using Coupons Guide


Crystal Saga Using Coupons Guide by C4P0T3

Hello so people don?t know how to use the ? Coupons ?
So i decided to make this post about this situation

So this is a way to get Coupons?

Press the ? Y ? bouton or the Cart on the left of the map .

Use your coupon to buy the master hammer to repair ALL off your equipements

After this , you can use coupon if you have low life to buy Healing orbs. ( gives you full HP)
If low in energie , i tell you to buy mana Orbs ( full MP)

Try to collect at least 800 coupons ( 400 hours )

buy alot of 1.5 exp to level up faster killing mobs or elite mobs ? also go see the event master to have a 1 hour 2x exp token

if your pet is low in loyalty , buy growth food you upgrade 10+ ( in loyalty)

Also buy pet token to level up :

Buy the AFK Cards to maybe ( if your smart to level up faster ) buy alot of AFK cards ( atleast 24) for 24 hours or make it 24?7 AFK cards .
when in night , before going to bed , just activate all the AFK cards and leave it there ( i actually don?t ask permission for that )

Hope you enjoyed my guide !!!

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