Crystal Saga World Boss List


Crystal Saga World Boss List by Akirye

Heyyy Guys, Akirye here. I took some time to screenshot and
show where all the World Bosses
are located.

(It should also be noted that these bosses are very strong,
and wouldn?t be smart to fight one without a party
with a healer, tank, and damage dealer.)

Dream Princess:
Dream Princess is level 20 and can be found in Himeng Valley.

I forgot to show it in the screenshot, but Torvo is level 29. He can be found in Himeng Valley Kaymo Mountain.

Auron is level 36, he can be found in the Lycanmarsh.

Ice Queen:
The Ice Queen is level 45, You get to the Ice Queen by going to Celestial Palace.
Keep going deeper in till you come to the ?Celestial Palace Courtyard? and she will be in the bottom left room.

This is the last one i could find. Nepenthor is level 60. Starting from Bloodfang Village, open the world map and click on ?Altar of Sacrifice?.
Once you?ve made it in it?ll be like it was with Celestial Palace(see above).
Continue working your way down until you come to the ?Altar of Sacrifice?, Nepenthor will be in the top right corner.



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