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We have covered a lot of different weapons in cyberpunk 2077, many of which being extremely overpowered, but to be fair. What oh, no oh, come on. What was that dude just floating there, but yeah? We have covered a lot of really overpowered weapons in cyberpunk 2077, but today we’re going to be going over a weapon that actually flew under the radar for me and it might be one of the most powerful pistols in the game and i’ll show you how to Get it early, you can actually get this pretty much right at the beginning of the game. If you want um, you might need a little bit of defense and i’ve got plenty of videos onto how to acquire various armor pieces. That’Ll help you during your playthrough.

So maybe check out those if you are just starting on a brand new playthrough and oh my god, i can’t drive. Don’T worry, i don’t give any driving tutorials on the channel okay, so you don’t have to fret about how bad i am at driving. If only we could go the right direction now, that being said, um, we need to go to a specific location. Now this is up in the ritzy area of uh of night city, and if we go over here to this location and there’s a giant building here with a suspected organized crime activity, this is actually where we need to go to acquire this weapon now. I’Ll also be going over some abilities and modifications you can do to this weapon to just make it absolutely ridiculously and unfairly op, so we’re just gon na murder, everybody here and then once we’re done, murdering we’ll show you exactly where the item is also, if you Haven’T checked out my video on how to get the best katana in the game.

I highly recommend it because you can get this katana, even if you missed it in the prologue, i showed a video on how to get up to the top of kenpecki plaza. So if you happen to miss this katana, you need to get it. It is so stupidly good. Then it’s a shame. If you miss it so make sure to check out that video i’ll leave it linked in the description below yo robot boys. You don’t stand a chance homie now before we show exactly what we came here for i do want to mention that you can get through this area completely without killing anybody, but there are going to be some chances to actually get extra drops of this, which will Increase your chances of getting the weapon that we want uh, so we do want the dr-12 quasar, but we don’t want this specific one. We want one with a specific ability on it, so i’m gon na show you a trick on how to do that.

But if you come to this back room, so if you open up the map, you’re gon na, come to this very back area here – and inside of this is gon na have one of these big dudes here now he has a chance of dropping this crafting spec Right here, which is an iconic epic weapon, called the headsman. This is a shotgun. Definitely pick that up here, while you can now. The item we are here for is, if you go through the beginning area and you run to the right and then go straight back, we want to hang a little bit to the left here and then what we want to grab is going to be right in This chest now hold off on picking it up because we want to save before we pick this up, so we will actually probably need to kill everything in the area or you could save outside and then run in.

If you don’t want to waste your time, murdering everybody, but we want this with a specific ability which which fires two shots at once, which is going to drastically increase its dps. Now, if your game won’t, let you be outside of a hostile area. Inside of this, then just get right out here and then we want to make a save game here now. If you did not get the weapon, we want the first time you go up to that. We’Re gon na go back and reload the save game and we’re gon na go check out what we got this time once you reload just run right back to the spot and, depending on your luck, you could have to do this one time or a ton of Times so hopefully you end up luckier than i am uh, so we got increased charge threshold to 75 on this one. We want the ability to fire two shots at once.

There it is. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got i’m guessing. What is a very rare role on this particular weapon fires, two rounds at once, but significantly lowers the fire rate. I don’t think we’re gon na have to worry about that. All we’ve got an empty scope slot and an empty mod slot. Well, it’s got something in there. We’Re gon na replace that, but it comes with 951 dps from here because it does scale to your level, so obviously the higher level you are when you loot this the more damage it’s going to have now before we add any modifications to it. We are going to upgrade this bad boy, and, what’s really nice about this as well, is it is a tech weapon, so it’s going to benefit from the tech boosts as well as some other modifications that we can add to it.

Now we’re going to fully upgrade this to our level, which gives it uh 1100.9 dps. If your max level, it’s gon na, be quite a bit higher than that, but i’m only level 39 right now now keep in mind. This is only the epic version. We can still acquire a legendary version of this um, but it’s gon na do better than most of the shotguns you can get in the game. Quite frankly, the damage on this is absurd, especially if you’re specced into tech weapons and into handguns. Now, let’s charge it up – and you can see here, it just becomes like an auto rifle, it’s so much fun. This is probably gon na replace um shotguns for me because having that advantage of the tech stuff on here as well is just so good. I absolutely love this, but now we need to get the legendary version of this and see if we can unlock these special stats in the legendary as well. Oh, you know what i found a legendary iconic uh submachine gun right here.

So if you go to this location, which is going to be, i believe, yeah – this is haywood at the very southwestern edge of haywood. You’Re gon na see the skull here and there’s a guy in here. That’S got a legendary iconic crafting recipe in here nice. So there are a couple different ways to get the legendary crafting recipe for this, but the easiest one is actually to get it through crafting now the crafting recipe is going to be locked behind level 18 crafting and you’re probably like well. I have no interest in leveling crafting up to 18

But i got you, i got you, i’m gon na show you the quickest way to level crafting ever and you’re gon na love me i promise. So this is actually using a method that we showcased in our money making guide. But what we wan na do is actually sell something to this machine that we can disassemble. Now it can literally be anything it could even be soda cans because you can buy them back for cheap uh, but i actually want to be able to get a ton of these and disassemble them.

It’S for a whole. Nother reason you can do this with literally whatever, but what we’re going to do is we’re going to sell this to this machine and then we’re going to step away we’re going to go back and we’re going to hit the sell in the options button. At the same time, so the options button is going to be either the escape key or the options button or whatever opens up this menu here, you’re going to hit that in conjunction with the sell button. At the same time now, the goal is to get this screen to pop up. That has a transparent background. It needs to have this transparent window here and we’re gon na re-buy all of these a ton of times. So the reason why we’re gon na re-buy a ton of these is because we want a whole bunch of them in our inventory. Now, as i mentioned, you can do this with literally anything in the game, so you don’t have to use it with the expensive item that i’m doing it with right now, but i’m doing it with this, because i want the high level crafting components. This is going to give me as well, but you might be like well.

This is going to cost a lot of money if i want to get all those crafting components, but i’ll show you how to make all your money back here, real quick as well. So i’m gon na do this. Until i have, i don’t know, maybe like a couple thousand or so now, once you’ve bought enough and you wan na get all of your money back. Just go ahead and exit you’re gon na see now that you’re gon na obviously have spent all that money, but also all that money is going to be now available for you to get back from the atm itself. Now, if you’ve been following along with my other videos, which i’ll leave a link in the description below for the money making guide but you’re going to have, you should have or if not, you need to have a whole bunch of these maps.

Now, thankfully, i have a ton of them, and so i’m just going to resell all of these maps up until the point to which there is money in the atm, so we’ll just go ahead and sell that and just instantly make our money back now. If we want what we can do is we can exit out, go back in and hit the options and that button at the same time and we can rebuy these maps, so these maps sell for four thousand, but you can buy them back for five, a piece Now i can just re-buy all of those a ton of times and be able to restock on these. So that way i can purchase or i can sell them anytime. I need money. So now we get to the interesting part of this. Once you have a ton of a single item that you can disassemble you’re going to want to go into your inventory and we’re going to go to disassemble it. Now i have a ton of these. The more items of this you have the better: this is going to work now we can hold to disassemble, but we’re only going to disassemble one of them and you’re like well. Why am i going to do that? Well, for some reason, when you disassemble one item – and you have like a ton of them – it gives you the entire xp for that entire stack.

That’S we just leveled up our crafting there, one time so we’re already at level 17. So now, if we go back into our backpack and we go back to our consumables and where did the item go there, it is it’s down there now and then we do it again, sell it for we’re just gon na disassemble one at a time. It’S gon na lag out and it’s gon na give us a whole bunch of xp. So now you just do this until you max out your crafting, which is really really easy, and there we go now we have the dr-12 quasar crafting recipe. Now i’m gon na do some testing here and i’m gon na craft a bunch of these and see if we can get that extra bonus on there. Okay, so i wasn’t able to make one that had that really nice firing two shots at once, but i was able to make one with 1700 dps 211.4 crit damage increase. We’Ve got a 100 crit chance on here and 6.38 headshot damage multiplier ridiculous. I’Ve got a whole bunch of crunch mods on here, which is increasing the dps as well um. So this is just gon na be really nice. We’Re gon na compare the two here: real, quick, uh oops.

If i could hit somebody in the head, that’d be fantastic. Since 31, 000 per headshot – oh my god, that’s just ridiculous, and the best part of this thing is that um, it’s got 20 shots, it reloads very quickly, and then we didn’t even get to use the fancy part of this. Where, when you hold the charge it down, it becomes a whole different kind of weapon. I mean look at this. It’S ridiculous! That’S what it is. Let’S see how these fare against it we’ll fully charge it. Oh, i mean they’re going to get one shot by it. Anyways, oh tag: what are you doing with your life? There we go sorry buddy, i know 100 crit chance is kind of ridiculous. Isn’T it then it also can light people on fire too, like this person just lit me on fire. I think this might be one of my new favorite weapons solely just because of how much uh ammo capacity it has, and then the damage multipliers on here for headshots are absolutely insane but anyways. I do hope you all enjoyed today’s video if you did make sure to slap that like button like it owes you money, show the video some love and i’ll see you all in the next one.

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