7 Unique Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons!


Whats going on everybody welcome back to The Neon Arcade and another Cyberpunk 2077 video! Today we’re going to be looking at some of the more unique and crazy weaponry that the cyberpunk world offers by taking a look at the possible weapons we will see in 2077 that originates in cyberpunk 2020. We’re going to be counting down the 7 most interesting and weird weapons so stay tuned to see who takes that number one spot and drop a comment and let me know your favorite from the list! At number 7 we have the CIA Cigarette which is a cigarette that fires .22 caliber caseless rounds that has a firing mechanism hidden in the filter. To fire the CIA Cigarette all you need to do is pull the filter with your teeth or fingers. Perfect for stealthy and discrete takedowns and assassinations. At Number 6 we have the techtronica black-zap glove which is an electrified mesh glove with effects equaling a taser. It’s powered by an armband battery pack and can be used with either a grab or punch attack. This glove will send a shock through the enemy and disable him similarly to a taser gun so you can finish him off with a well placed bullet, or toy with them by repeated punches and grapples.

At number 5 we have the spraypaint grenade. This grenade has a small explosive charge which sprays a liquid paint over a 3m are. Paint is available in 27 vibrant colors. This type of grenade is used to blind enemies with its burst effect. At number 4 we have the Petrochem “Drug-A-Thug”. The drug a thug is the latest thing to hit the Cyberpunk streets. It is a hand-dandy little device that delivers a solid dose of any paralyzing or sleep-inducing drug the weilder chooses. It is compact and capable of fitting into most pockets and purses. It is perfect for those who wish to be discretely armed.

Number 3 is the Seburo briefcase gun. This gun looks like an ordinary briefcase until it is needed, then a switch in the handle is activated and the bottom of the case falls out revealing the weapon. Number 2 we have the Power squirt. The power squirt is a drug based squirt gun that can be loaded with strong chemical based dosages to neutralize enemies. It is essentially a super soaker pistol with liquid drugs stored inside.

Finally we have number one the most unique weapon in the cyberpunk universe, the Arasaka Nauseator riot control device. This is the latest in large-scale crowd control. It produces ultrasonic waves in a conical pattern that make anyone in its vicinity have headaches, nausea and disorientation. Audio cyberware can help cancel out the damaging ultrasonic waves, but if not it renders you pretty much immobile. This is a weapon causes debilitation without firing a single round or bullet. That’s it for this video remember to join The Arcade and subscribe for more Cyberpunk 2077 content.

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