Cyberpunk 2077 – All Items & Collectibles For V’s Place! (Apartment Customization Guide!)


What is going on Neon Nation and welcome back to the channel for a CYberpunk 2077 guide video this time on all the items that you can acquire and place in your apartment to make your pad as vibrant and lively as possible. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t finished many of these pieces of memorabilia are unlocked through quests we will talk about so, if you haven’t finished 2077, well here is your warning. If you guys remember CDPR mentioned that we will be able to decorate our apartments to a certain degree, and even our lifepaths will have some weight in what our apartments can look like so today we are going to be going over all the items for V’s apartment and how to get them, for those of you who want to add some personality to the place, as well as for the completionist players out there that want to acquire everything they can possibly get their hands on in the world of Night City.

So some of the first collectibles you can actually acquire for your digs comes from purely completing each of the Lifepath segments. If you have completed the Nomad Lifepath, you will have a quadra vehicle with the Bakkers logo on the hood, if you complete the Street Kid Lifepath you will have an Arasaka Building model on your desk, and if you complete the corporate lifepath you will have this Arasaka clock or timer.

You obviously can’t have all of them at once, as you can’t complete multiple lifepaths in a single playthrough, but nonetheless, this is just the first piece of completing your apartment.

Moving to the left of the desk where you are placing your lifepath exclusive goodies, you can also get some posters from Jackie by completing the Heroes questline. This is a side job that unlocks if you send Jackie’s body back to his family in the Delamain Excelsior after The Heist mission. This will que Jackie’s ofrenda where you take part in a ceremony honouring Jackie. You can also claim his Iconic Pistols La Chingona Dorada here, which does fit into your weapon wall back at your place.

By the way in part 2, i’ll show you how to complete your weapon wall as well. After you’ve completed this, you will have Jackie’s posters from his apartment back at yours. Moving on let’s go to this entrance space where we can fill it up with 4 distinct items, including the Peralez poster, the Lizzy Wizzy and the Meta Dwarves poster, The Space Oddity Painting and some Scuba gear.

For the Lizzy Wizzy poster you have to complete a chain of quests with Lizzy Wizzy ending with the side quest called “Violence” For the Vote for Peralez poster you have to finish a chain of quests ending on Dream On. If you are interested in some theories about that specific quest there’s a really cool conspiracy video on the pinned comment.

For The scuba gear you have to finish Judys chain of quests ending with Pyramid song.

You can unlock this quest by completing Pisces and by not playing along with Maiko. Absolutely amazing quest, make sure that you do this one it is one of the best pieces of side content in the game. For the space oddity poster you have to finish the space oddity side quest, where the painting will be guarded by Militech. Just follow the chain to the outskirts near the Badlands, take out the guards and pick up the painting.

Moving into the little living room are here we have another item on the side. This is the Virtual / Augmented Reality game called Big Trouble in Heywood, which you actually play with River and his niece and nephew during the quest Following The River. Once you have completed this quest, you will have this as an item in your apartment.

I believe you also receive this regardless if you guys let the kids win or not during the quest. For mortal kombat lovers, you can also obtain a Scorpion statue for the table closest to your apartments window, something that you will receive in a quest with Aldecaldos member Mitch called, I’ll Fly Away.

Next to your bed, we have two collectibles, and my personal favorites of the bunch.

The first is a dreamcatcher given to you by Misty if you complete the Fool On The Hill questline. This is a quest where you have to find and scan all the tarot card murals in the city. If you guys also want to know where 2 secret tarot cards are, I will link you to a video where I show you how to get them. Anyways once you complete Misty’s quest, she will give you a Dreamcatcher which is automatically hung on your back wall.

Next we have the Zen Masters altar. This is given to you by the Zen master after you complete the chain of quests that starts with Imagine, where you simply have to watch meditative braindances. The FInal braindance is located in North Oak featuring a scenic view of Night City, and after experiencing it, the zen master will be gone, leaving behind this collectible.

Another one of my favorites is to actually get a pet in your apartment called Nibbles. TO do this all you have to do is exit your apartment and go to the left where there will be a garbage bin with a feed teh cat shard in it.

Read it, and set some food down on the bowl right next to it. Fast forward in time and there will be a cat munching down that you can pick up and take back to your place. Finally we have this Arasaka Troll plushie, which could have been obtained by preordering the game.

Now some of these Collectibles will also show up in the other apartment you receive in the legend of the afterlife ending, although they will be in different places, so regardless where you decide to kick back you’ll have the fruits of your labors in your general vicinity. Thanks for watching guys let me know what your favorite collectible is in the comments below and for more content join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade.


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