Cyberpunk 2077 | All Johnny’s Item locations – Breathtaking Trophy/Achievement Guide


Hello, everyone in this video i’m going to show you how to collect all seven of johnny silverhands items in cyberpunk 2077.. Six of these items are needed for the missible breathtaking trophy and achievement. If you do find, this video helpful then be sure to hit like and share and consider subscribing to the channel for more content. If you are new here, so the seven items that you’ll be collecting are johnny’s tank, top johnny’s aviators, a replica of johnny’s jacket, johnny’s gun, johnny’s, porsche 911 car and his pants in his shoes. For the breathtaking trophy and achievement you do not need to get the porsche 911 he’ll pop up without getting that, but you will want to get this anyway and it is missable, so pay attention to it.

When we get to that point. Another missable item is johnny’s. Pants you’re also going to want to pay special attention when we go over them as well. If you do miss johnny’s pants, then you’ll not be able to unlock the breathtaking trophy and achievement unless you start a new game, so first is johnny’s tank top. This will be given to you automatically near to the end of the story on a mission called tapeworm. It is right before the final story, mission and you’ll be having a conversation with johnny. While you collect some dog tags, the tank top is automatically added to your inventory on this mission.

After this mission, you’re going to unlock a side, job called chipping in – and it is on this side job that you can get four more of johnny’s items, including the car free, are automatic during this mission, and one of them is when johnny has control. He’Ll put the aviators on join a scripted car ride. Once feed takes back control you and rogo head to her car and she is going to give you a replica of johnny’s jacket from the trunk of the car and then when you meet up with grayson towards the end of the mission. You’Ll automatically pick up. Johnny’S gun from the ground, it is at this point that you meet grayson that you need to find the porsche 911 join.

The dialogue with grayson, you can select, put your gun away and grayson will give you a key to a container. If you decide to kill grayson, though, then you must make sure that you pick up the key off of him when he’s dead, with this key just head up the ladders to lower the crane and then open the container to add johnny’s porsche 911 to the cars That you own, you can now finish the chipping in mission and move on to johnny’s pants.

These in the shoes can be got before the others or after it doesn’t matter for the pants. You need to head to the psycho fan side job in hayward, which is on the screen now, as i mentioned earlier, this is missable and if you finish this job without collecting johnny’s pants you’ll not be able to re-enter this area, and you will need to start A new game to get them and the trophy your achievement just head into the apartment building and go up the elevator. If you have 17 technical ability points, you can just open the apartment door, but if not you’ll need to head right over this door.

Go up the stairs and exit onto the rooftop, and here you can jump down to the balcony of the apartment. To enter, go upstairs and in the bedroom is a briefcase with jolly’s pants in make sure that you get these pants before you leave. And if you are struggling to open the door with a guitar inside the code is 2065 and in the final item, which is johnny’s shoes, they can be found on another side, job called family hair loom. This side job will become available after the main story mission called ghost town and when you are street cred level, 35 or above is located here on the map. You must collect the data shard on this mission and johnny shoes are in the exact same location of the shot, so they are very hard to miss

. If, for whatever reason, you do not pick them up, they will still be there after the gig is over and that wraps up this video. Those are all seven of johnny silverhands items in cyberpunk and how to get them. If the video was helpful, don’t forget to hit like and share it and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more content if you’re new here. Thank you all for watching this, and until the next video stay safe and peace out.

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