Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide! (Skills, Perks, Cyberware, Clothing, Classes, Weapons, XP!)


What is going on Neon Nation welcome back to The Neon Arcade for some more Cyberpunk content. One of my personal favorite sections of Night City Wire 5 was the skills & perk tree and seeing the fluid class system in action, chaining abilities to make light work of your foes. The Attribute and Perk tree has undergone an overhaul so today we will be diving into how to build your character, cyberware, clothing options and their mods, weapons and their mods, how levelling will work, all the perks and skills we know at the moment from previews & recent gameplay footage and from CDPR themselves. This will hopefully help you dial in on what playstyle you prefer, whether that be a stealthy hacker utilizing silenced pistols, an agile swordsman into slicin’ and dicin’, a tech manipulating sniper, or even a completely non-lethal character.

Let me help arm you with all the information we have thus far pre-release for theory crafting your potential builds. The exciting thing about Cyberpunk 2077 is that it features what CDPR likes to call a fluid class system, meaning that you are not locked into a particular playstyle. This scene right here does a great job of showcasing this and breaking it down further, we lay a powerful shot into this unsuspecting Animal member on the right, take out the legs of the one using the training bot, upload a suicide daemon with our cyberdeck on the member attempting to flee, before a quick missile into the back to clean up the remaining members.

We see the effects of our malware in the subsequent shot, after it has been uploaded. This happens in a matter of seconds and does a great job showing you the chain of events in a potential combat scenario. There are also a variety of ways you could have approached this battle. You could have hid in the shadows and let the robots do your dirty work, you could have focused more on other malware options which create more splash damage, you could have just walked in with your bare knuckles, or even bypassed this all together. After the character creator you will be tasked with distributing attribute points, which are the core specialties of your character, which branches into skills with accompanying perks that can also have varying levels.

Your core attributes are Reflexes, Body, Technical Ability, Intelligence & Cool, each levelled up to a maximum of 20. Reflexes determine your reaction, speed & attack speed. Each additional point into your Reflexes will give you a 1% increase in Crit, an increase in the chance of evading an enemies attacks by 1%, a 3% increase to mantis blade damage, as well as improves overall attack and movement speed. THis attribute affects your overall proficiency with rifles, pistols and revolvers, and your level in reflexes will also affect how quickly you gain EXP for related skills. Under Reflexes we have specific skills including handguns, rifles & blades which each have perk trees. I’ll compile all of the perks that we know, after we go through the attributes to see them all in one place so you can get an idea of your favorites. Next we have technical Ability, which determines how much of a tech specialist you are. It improves your proficiency with tech weapons and your effectiveness against drones, mechs and robots in combat. Each level increases your armor by 5%. Tech also has the ability to unlock dialogue options in the world, as do all the other attributes as well as new paths that only those with technical knowledge can interact with.

Under technical ability we have Crafting and Engineering as the skills each with their own perk trees. Next we have Body which increases your physical abilities including your max health and stamina, accuracy, your melee damage and your prowess with anything that requires strength like using heavy weapons, and ripping open doors. We don’t have specific number values for this attribute yet, but we do have the names of the skill trees including street brawler, athletics, and annihilation. Next we have intelligence which is the main attribute of the seasoned netrunners, letting you hack your way through Night City’s devices and targets.

The skills under the intelligence attribute are device and target hacking, which should be self explanatory. This is the one skill here, where Cyberware really comes into play. Having a Cyberdeck aka the Operating System of the body giving you access to more Daemons and hacking program slots, and RAM Expansion slots will help you utilize these perks to the best of your ability. In fact for all the trees, cyberware plays a big role in getting the most out of the specific perks and attributes, but we will get to that later. The final attribute we have is cool, which is all about staying calm under pressure, which means dealing with stressful situations more typical of a stealthy or assassin playthrough. Under cool we have the stealth and cold blood skill trees. All in all there are 12 skill trees which fall under the 5 attributes. There are around 20 perks each under each of these trees, meaning that there are around 240 perks in total for you to play with. Let’s take a look at the ones that have been revealed or shown so far.

First lets start with Reflexes, under Blades. First we have the Dragon Strike perk where strong attacks will inflict a bleeding effect and deal 15% extra damage. Unfair Advantage deals 10% more damage to enemies with higher max HP than you. Ninja, unlocks a bullet blocking ability that will deflect bullets and the ability to perform dash attacks. As a genji main, I approve of this message. Flight of the Sparrow, one of the newer ones we’ve seen reduces the stamina cost of all attacks with Blades by 50%. Under Rifles, still in the Reflex attribute we only know of one perk so far named Punisher, where killing an enemy will nullify the sway and spread of your weapon for 10 seconds. Finally under handguns we have a redacted perk, which will grant you an armor boost for 20 seconds after landing a critical hit. Under Technical ability we first have the crafting perks.

Revamp increases the sale price of a crafted item by 25%. Master Gunsmith, gives you a 5% chance of getting an additional prototype component as crafting material for every item made. R&D allows you to upgrade items to the legendary quality level. Crafting will also allow you to craft mods for clothing which will boost your defensive stats through armor. Again like cyberware we will get to this. Under the Engineering skill tree, our first perk is crazy science, which increases tech weapon damage by 25%. Mech Looter means that you can loot scrap from drones, robots and mechs with 30% chance of finding weapon parts. Blast Shielding reduces explosion damage taken by 10%. Sharpnel adds 20 additional damage to all previous effects. Grenadier makes the explosion radius of grenades visible. Reverse engineering allows you to remove weapon mods. You can’t touch this makes you immune to your own grenade damage.

Next we have the Body perks. Under street brawler we have Guerilla which boost critical hit chance to 60% for 10 seconds after you kill an enemy. Under Athletics we have Hard MF which increases armr and resistances by 20% for 10 seconds. Gladiator reduces damage taken while blocking by 20%. Regeneration allows you to slowly regenerate health in combat. Pack Mule doubles your carrying capacity. Invincible increases maximum health by 10%. Super Hero Landing reduces fall damage by 5%. Multitasker, allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding and jumping at the same time. Transporter allows you to shoot and sprint while carrying a body. Under the final skill tree we have annihilation. Another redacted perk grants a 50% reduction to recoil for 6 seconds after dismembering an enemy. Next up we have the intelligence perks. Under device hacking we have Transmigration, which increase breath time protocol by 25% Under target hacking we have master memory, which increases memory regeneration speed by 25%. This seems particularly lethal with the legendary Raven microcybernetics Cyberdeck which also buffs memory regeneration speed. Finally we have cool. Under the stealth tree, we first have Toxicology which increases poisons duration by 5 seconds. Embrace the shadow which gives a 25% HP regeneration when in stealth Crouching Tiger which increases movement speed by 30% when in stealth Attraction and Repulsion which allows you to push grabbed enemies Dagger Dealer which gives you the ability to use throwing knives Hidden Dragon which unlocks the ability to perform aerial takedowns Ninjitsu where all stealth attacks with melee weapons will deal 100% more damage and 100% crits Stunning Blow where fast melee attacks will stagger your enemies and hasty retreat where you gain movement speed when spotted by enemies.

Under Cold Blood we have merciless where your crit chance goes up 10% and your crit damage 2% if you fall below 40% HP. As you can see on these perk trees we also have skill progression on the bottom left, which will further augment how you play in the form of perk points or added bonuses like stuns and other perk-like effects. Once it’s all said and done there is a ton of progression options here and even if you spec into rifles for example if you find yourself repeatedly doing hacking actions you will reap the rewards of these bonuses through repetition. Moving onto Cyberware where we have the option to augment the frontal cortex with 3 slots, the ocular system with one slot, the circulatory system with 3 slots, the immune and nervous system with 2 slots each, the integumentary system with 3 slots, the operating system with one, the skeletal system with 2 and one each for the hands arms and legs. Cyberware are distributed into passive, active and triggered types, where active must be activated by the player, triggered types come into play once a certain threshold is reached, and passive being something that operates at all times.

We also have fragments, which are additional, craftable mods that you can add onto your cybernetics and there are types of cyberware from common to legendary. Some of the lesser known augmentations are the blood pump, which activates at a specific moment in time to improve healing, microrotors which improve movement speed and precision and are a passive type of augment, and synlungs, which are artificial lungs which improve the regeneration of stamina and endurance. Add in the more destructive options like the mantis blades and projectile launch system that can be further upgraded with fragments, and we get a better sense of just how much of a killing machine we can be.

Weapons are not necessarily a part of your body, but they are important nonetheless. You can add attachments like scopes and optics to your favorite weapons, and upgrade them with again mods to add things like the ability to bounce bullets, or to just buff your DPS. Between the beefy Power Weapons, The Bullet bending smart weapons and the cover penetrating tech weapons, there is again a lot to think about in terms of what weaponry you want to use. Non lethal ammo is also a valid option here. Finally we have clothing, which is not simply cosmetic. Not only will they have innate stats and boosts to things like street cred depending on the clothing option, but we also have mods slots for these for your armor health and stamina.

And there you guys have it some preliminary details to mull over for two-ish weeks until 2077 launches on December 10th. As always thanks for joining and for more Cyberpunk keep make sure you are subscribed.

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