Cyberpunk 2077 Guide – EPIC 100k+ CRIT Stealth Headshot Gunslinger Build!


What is going on Neon Nation welcome back to The Neon Arcade for a Cyberpunk 2077 build guide. In this build guide we are diving deep into the silenced hand cannon pistol approach which will make you a quiet glass cannon able to pull off some insane crit headshots from the shadows. Mixed with cold blood stacks, you will be an effective killer able to get in and out of gigs in the most efficient & lethal way possible. If you are a fan of pistols and a style of play that has you striking from a distance from the trees, or even up close and personal without alerting your enemies, this is going to be the build for you.

Now I do have some quality of life perks on this build that you will be seeing in the footage, but as always the more you niche into your perk trees and really focus on handguns, stealth and cold blood the more damage you will be doing quicker. The tradeoff is ofcourse, things like health and stamina, but there is some compensation for this that I will explain shortly. First up let’s go over the overall structure of this build. You are going to be heavily investing into the reflex attribute & handgun skill tree, but also the cool attribute with the stealth and cold blood perks trees.

Using your handgun is going to be important as usage also gives additional perk points, and some of the QoL improvements for shooting your pistol that you are not going to be speccing into, which might help with aim, recoil etc. As you sneak and combo headshots, you will also rack up QoL bonuses through the skill progression which will make it easier to not invest any points into augmenting things like health or evasion, so keep that in mind as you are spending your perk points. Lets first go under the important skills under the handgun tree. Spec into these as they open up as the skills on the fringes will come once your attribute level goes up as well. At the top we have High Noon which unlocks at the beginning and at level 3 increases the crit chance with Pistols and Revolvers by 12%. Desperado is another great perk that opens up relatively early, and buffs overall damage with pistols and revolvers by 10% at level 3. With increased capability of hitting those crits, a fistful of eurodollars is something that at level 2 will buff your crit damage by 20%. Rio Bravo is very important, because this build is going to focus on crit headshots, and this perk increases the headshot damage multiplier with pistols and revolvers by 30%.

Long shot drop pop increases damage with pistols and revolvers to enemies 5+ metres away by 25%. This is going to feed into that longer distance combat, while still in stealth. Grande finale is a mid tier perk which maxed out at level 1, will deal double damage on a pistol or revolvers last bullet. Brainpower one of the last tier perks gives you an increased crit chance by 25% for 5 seconds after a successful headshot.

Chaining headshots and a steady aim are going to be key here. The Westworld perk really ties into the next section on equipment, and this will increase crit chance for pistols and revolvers if fully modded. Fully modded means a scope, some sort of barrel attachment & as many mods slots as the weapon you have takes. Legendaries will be 4 whereas something more common may only have 2 or even less. Under cool and stealth we have a couple perks that will lend itself to pumping up those damage numbers with the stealthy playstyle. First we have sniper which increases the damage from headshots fired from outside combat by 50% at level 2. This synergizes nicely with long shot drop pop from the handgun tree. Next we have strike from the shadows which increases your crit chance by 15% when sneaking. Silent and deadly also works well with the westworld perk and our inevitable equipment, by increasing the damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% when sneaking. Feel the shadows is last on the hierarchy just because its really only useful if your overall stealthy playstle dissolves and you get caught out. This will trigger when enemies are aware and combat is queued and will increase your crit chance by 25% for 7 seconds.

Cold Blood is up next and this is a perk that stacks. The base skill can stack up to 3 times, that will grant increased movement speed by 2% each time. Now cold blood is partiularly useful because there are perks for other abilities per stack of cold blood. If you are chaining kills, you are likely going to have full cold blood stacks and with that unlocks some powerful properties. Critical condition increases the duration of cold blood by 10 seconds and coldest blood increases the max stack amount to 4. The two heavy hitting damage modifiers after this is the frozen precision skill which increases headshot damage by 50%, cold anc calculating which gives a 25% chance to add a stack of cold blood if you land a critical hit, and merciless, which increases crit chance by 10% and damage by 25% when cold blood is active, and +1& crit chance and +3% crit damage per perk level.

These unlock at the end of the road, so make sure you are putting your attribute points into Reflexes and cool so you have faster access to these perks that are locked out if you do not have the req attributes. I didn’t do this on my build so, do better than me and you will be dishing out more damage. Now our pistol or revolver comes next and its going to be fully modded to take full advantage of perks like Silent and Deadly and Westworld.

When It comes to revolvers, the overture is my favorite with the iconic variant Crash being my go to. This has some insane stats including a +50% chance, +164% crit damage, a 3.5x headshot multiplier and the perfect additional details of a 2.5X damage multiplier when attacking from stealth. A silencer increases the crit chance by 49%, but reduces base damage by 25%. Again, fully modded plays to the hand of this weapon’s innate states, westworld, and silent and deadly. The first attachment we have here is the XC-10 Cetus, which gives a 2.5X damage multiplier when attacking from stealth, and increases the crit chance by 5%, reducing the base damage by 25%. You can really choose whatever scope you want, their stats are pretty negligible and won’t matter, so it’s better to pick something that clutters your screen less than something overly bulky. That being said so far I haven’t encountered a scope im in love with, so for now this one will do. Two weapon mods on here with pacifier increasing crit damage by 8% and penetrator increasing crit chance by 5%. An alternative to the overture or crash is the DR12 Quasar, but I haven’t fully kitted this one out and as far as shooting preference goes Crash is the better option for me.

The tech pistols use a charge up mechanic which takes a bit longer and in the process can alert your enemies. Obviously find whatever suits you the best, including regular pistols, but the iconic overture will be dishing out the most damage, until something better pops up. For Cyberware, the most important thing is the Sandevistan operating system. When you activate the slow motion by hitting E, crit chance and damage is increased by 20%. This synergizes nice with feel the shadows if you get caught out, allowing you to slow time, line up some headshots, apply stacks of cold blood and reset before your next encounter where you can approach it more stealthily.

All the other cyberware options are for things like increased health, stamina and armor, so make sure that if you are going all in with this archetype and build you forgo pricey augmentations in favor of things like clothing and weapon mods. Now clothing also increases crit change & may either have built in clothing mods off pickup, or slots that you can add. Again legendary typically have more & clothing mods are not cheap, so this will take some time for you to build up to. The dead eye clothing mod here is 175K eddies, so be prepared to grind for the clothing mods to build up to. On the upper body we have the Arasaka Aramid Vest on the outer torso with 2 legendary mods.First we have bully which increases crit damage by 30%. Next we have Deadeye which increases crit chance by 15% and crit damage by 30%, There’s another clothing mod here, but Like I said these are very expensive.

Next we have Johnny’s tank top which fives a 15% crit chance, as well as his aviators which increases crit chance by 15% and bonus to both moderate and high threat enemies by 5%. Police anti shrapnel helmet will give you this exact boost, minus the 15% chance of crit. And on the bottom we just have armor stats and movement speed. Check out some of the earlier footage without some of the clothing mods and perks, versus what I’m pumping out now despite still needing some of the crazier perks on the cold blood tree and without all my clothing with crit mods. There’s still room to go up, but again things in Night City don’t come cheap. I hope you guys enjoyed this build guide let me know how it goes for you if you do try this out, and what kind of character have you built so far in Cyberpunk 2077? Let me know in the comments below and for anything and everything Cyberpunk 2077 join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade.

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