Cyberpunk 2077 – Just A Few Beginners Tips!


What is going on Neon Nation, and the time is finally here Cyberpunk 2077 has either released  for you or is going to in the next couple of hours or so, and with that I want to equip you guys with  a brief set of tips that I have compiled as you begin your adventures into Night City.  These tips will likely help you acclimatize to the overwhelming nature of Cyberpunk 2077,  its RPG mechanics, your skills and aptitudes and some of the street slang. After you have finished the prologue, which includes the life path segments  of either the corporate, the nomad or the street kid, the whole Map of Night City opens up to you,  with the freedom to do what you want.

You will be able to zoom in and out and choose  where exactly you want to go, if the main quest is the last thing on your mind, but the map can  be overwhelming at first, especially with the proximity between points of interest. Now once this happens the main standout tip I have for you, is to use the Map Filters.  There will be a fair number of markers on the map at first, and it will be easier for  you to navigate Night City if you tackle one type of job at a time, at least initially,  before you understand how to get around. As you get more cognizant of what is what, you can opt  to not filter anything.

You can hit Z to filter out what you want to do at any given movement. When it comes to the types of jobs that are offered, we have the main story quests,  side quests, gigs and scanner hustles, with more random events around the city not marked on the  map. Pressing X on PC further separates these main jobs to further subcategories.  If an alternate angle of the map will help you get a lay of the land as well, use it. Similarly to how you can keep things neat and tidy, you can also close these sections in your  journal so that you can only see specific types of content more in depth there. Lets move into how you will build your character. This is a fluid class system but you might have  already started thinking what kind of archetype your character might fall into. With this you have  5 core attributes which will give you stat boosts as you invest points into, and open up a variety  of perk trees at the same time. As your attribute level rises, more high tiered perks will open up  for you to put points into.

Under Reflexes we have 3 perk trees including rifles,  handguns and blade. I currently have 18 Reflex points in this Street Kid playthrough, and  at 20 I will unlock the savage stoic perk under the assault tree,  which increases damage with rifles and sub machine guns by 3% when standing still. Now although I haven’t invested many points into Blades, I still have the higher tiered  perks available should I choose to, due to my core attribute of reflexes being 18. As you use rifles,  handguns or blades, you will also get bonuses at the bottom, including additional perk points and  % based boosts. If you want to respec all your points, you better start pilin’ up some eddies  since the Tabula E-Rasa progression shard which allows you to do this is not cheap. Cyberware will play into your builds greatly. These are pretty  much just higher value perks that must be installed at ripperdoc clinics,  but I do want to mention the importance of the operating system. Your operating system can be split into 3 categories, cyberdecks, berserk implants,  and sandevistan implants. Cyberdecks will give you access to additional quick hacks,  which you can use after scanning an enemy or device.

Different cyberdecks offer different  quickhack cooldowns, and amounts of ram which regenerate after a while.  Each quickhack will have a different value, and thus a Cyberdeck with more ram is better,  and again better cyberdecks will replenish your cyber-mana quicker. Next we have berserk operating systems, which give you more strength related boosts,  like increased melee damage, armor and resistances, health, stamina etc. You will  not be able to use quick hacks, but this is for those who want to forgo them in favor of strength. Finally we have the sandevistan operating system which allows you to slow time,  by pressing E, and can offer you bonuses like crit chance etc.

All  these come in tiers from common to legendary with legendary having more  unique abilities as add ons, and increased percentages than their common counterparts. Next up we have crafting. You will be able to craft in this game,  and there is even an entire perk tree under technical ability which will help you to do  so. Obtaining schematics will allow you to craft things like weapons, consumables, ammo and mods,  and again they come in different rarities, with different required components to create. You will  only be able to craft legendary schematics, if you spec heavily into the aforementioned  perk tree so keep that in mind. Epic items will also require you to part with your perk points. If you want an example of crafting a basic item, we have the bounce back mark 1 healing inhaler,  which takes two of these uncommon components that you can loot off enemies.  As you can imagine higher tiered items take rarer and usually more components.  You can also choose to upgrade existing weapons with these components, and because you are  crafting, each time you craft you will feed into the skill progression system in the perk tree.

If you need more components, you can disassemble items to get more. We will touch on clothing briefly as well. Clothing will have base stats,  and some will have clothing fabric mod slots, to fortify them, or give added bonuses. Moving on we have shards, which give you a slice into the universe of Cyberpunk 2077  in the form of lore tid bits. If you really want to enjoy Cyberpunk 2077, take a look  into the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebooks and lore which Cyberpunk 2077 is in the same timeline  as. Created by Mike Pondsmith and RTalsorian, you will get some added enjoyment playing Cyberpunk  2077 if you have some sort of insight into it’s history. I have lore videos on the channel, or  you can pickup the latest release Cyberpunk Red, which sums up the lore going into 2077 nicely.

There is a lot of slang used in Cyberpunk 2077 as well, derived from the source and I  have compiled a small dictionary in video format for you guys to check out if that interests you. That’s pretty much everything I can think of without wading into spoilers,  so thank you guys so much for watching  and for everything and anything Cyberpunk join Neon Nation by subscribing to The Neon Arcade..

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