Cyberpunk 2077 : Skipping Dialogue Glitch, Cancel Failure & Double Tap Dodge


Hi guys, this is a quick video to tell you that i am aware of what was causing the weird glitch i was getting when i was having conversations thanks to you guys, you guys pretty much explained it to me in the early videos, and i have fixed The issue it just won’t appear in the videos for a few episodes. I think for those of you that don’t know the problem was when i was initiating conversation, i was initiating it with the c key and i’ve rebound the c key to be the key that activates everything, because that’s what i usually use and unfortunately, the skip dialog Key in cyberpunk 2077 defaults to c now i didn’t realize that this was a problem, because i had unbound that key i’ve now bound it to zed, which is the key i never use.

I had unbound it, so this was blank because i never skipped dialogue. So i didn’t realize i could even skip the dialogue and basically it was just happening, i’d press c, and you know if i held it even slightly too long, it would skip the dialogue. Now in my defense, i didn’t realize i was skipping. I thought there was some weird glitch that was part of the story. I thought it was something to do with the you know when v wakes up on that first morning. He complains about feeling a bit weird and having some glitches, and you know you go, i don’t want to spoil it too much anyway. I thought it was something to do with that turns out. It’S not. I was just accidentally skipping the dialogue, so a big thanks to you guys for pointing that out. That really did help me find it and that’s the sort of information i am.

You know really happy to get that is definitely not spoiler information whatsoever. I did appreciate that now, there’s been another issue and i’m not sure anyone’s noticed it yet, but you probably will – and it was an issue with opening terminals. Some of you are going to have noticed that i’d be going into terminals and then i’d be exiting out straight away, and it’s pretty much related to to the to the glitch issue. It’S pretty much the same thing. Actually, the c key defaults to the exit to the close for these menus. This is also true for your car, and so i was just activating and then immediately exiting. I didn’t realize this.

I thought it just meant. There was nothing on the computer for me to read. I did notice when i first activated my own computer, that i would activate it and then i could actually highlight things like this and i thought that’s how you’re supposed to do it apparently not you’re supposed to actually stay in there. I have since found the problem in the key rebounds rebinds and changed it to the escape key, which is more natural for me now. None of this can be done through the menu, it’s one of the weaknesses with the key rebound system. However, i did discover that there are a lot more files configuration files that you can tweak for rebinds, so it turns out my suspicion that cyberpunk 2077 was hard coding. Things was incorrect, they’re, not hard coding, anything it’s just.

They have not implemented the key rebinds in a way that covers absolutely everything and, in fact, doesn’t cover some fairly major. You know features like being able to rebound the activation key to whatever you want things like that. It is not a hard coding problem which is good to know. It is good to know it does mean we can fix it or we could even make tools that would make fixing it even easier, and hopefully it means they will be able to sort this out. Eventually now they had a similar problem with witcher 3, so i’m pretty sure they will get around to fixing this i’m guessing at the moment. They’Ve just got some other things they would like to prioritize, and i totally understand that and for those of you who are on console the old generation of consoles, i’m i’m trying to be sensitive and not make a big deal of the issues i’m having.

They are pretty minor and i’m actually thoroughly enjoying the game, and i do feel a tad guilty about enjoying it when so many of you have been well horribly disappointed, so you know i’m i’m well aware of things that are going on for you guys, but i’m Just telling those of you who’ve been watching my let’s play. Not only do i know uh what was causing that glitch and have fixed it. I’M actually aware of another glitch. I was having you’ll, probably notice it in the next episodes, and i finally get around get around to fixing it at about i’d, say: episode: 12, maybe 13. So you’re gon na have to put up with that for a while you’ll be you’ll, be seeing me activate laptops and exit out and assume, there’s nothing for me to do there and you might start screaming so now. You know why i’ve also changed my configuration files to stop the double tap dodging thing. I have to actually leave to show you this um.

The base game. Has this double tap movement key to dodge things, so i’m going to double tap the left key now and you can see nothing is happening same with forward right back, because i hated that it felt really awkward and occasionally i would actually bump into things and feel Like a bit of an idiot and honestly in combat, i find it a little weird to be sort of, like you know, sidestepping and then having to lift my finger and double tap to dodge i’ve enabled dodge through one of the keys in in my case, it’s The crouch hold key, so if i’m going sideways and i press it, i dodge so i single press a key and whichever direction i’m going in, it will dodge and i’m finding that a lot more instinctive i’ve not had any fights yet. But i’m finding that a lot more instinctive and if you’re wondering how do i crouch, i actually use crouch toggle if i’m going to be doing any stealth and that doesn’t do anything.

So if i go right and press there, you go the um the crouch button. I was never actually using, although i i’ve decided i’m gon na start using it for slide. I actually find it a little easier to press that button for sliding and then get up and sprint and one great thing is you can’t dodge whilst sprinting. So if i, if i’m walking and i hit hold to crouch, i dodge if i’m sprinting and i press hold crouch a slide which feels very natural. Actually, i’ve been playing around with it and it feels very natural because of course it’s all athletic based. So that’s something else: you will probably notice around about episode, 12 or 13.

I may start dodging more: i’ve not really done much dodging in the fights i’ve had even melee. I’Ve really been sticking with blocking, but now that i’ve got this set up, i feel like it’s a little smoother. I may begin to uh be a bit more agile. Just because it’s comfortable – and i don’t have that horrible risk of constantly knocking into people when i’m just trying to travel around anyway, that’s it just thought i would explain uh the reason i’ve been having some glitches. I am aware of the various problems and thank you for pointing out what it what it was. I would almost certainly have not figured out that i was skipping those conversations.

I really genuinely thought this was actually part of the storyline. That v was losing time. I guess like just i know: maybe that sounds ridiculous. It just it just. I felt it made sense after what v said when he woke up that first morning anyway, there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening to me. Ramble on i’m gon na go off now and uh play some more.

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