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Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the MadQueen Show! I am your host the Madqueen. On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk 2077 video for you, and today we’re going to talk about something you’ve been asking for long: weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. We’re going to start explaining a brief history of weapons in the Cyberpunk universe, then taking about manufacturers and their history with some examples that we will see in Cyberpunk 2077. In the next video, or when I can do it because I wanted to take some days off, we will talk about types of weapons in the game, so don’t forget to subscribe and click that notifications button to make sure that you find out when this happens. Big shoutout to every single person supporting on Patreon, I really appreciate it, because videos like this get demonetized really fast. Thanks for your support on Patreon. A lot of the information in this video comes from the book The World of Cyberpunk 2077 edited by Dark Horse, so if you want to expand in the specifics of Cyberware, technology, weapons, cars, and more things, you can get it at your local bookstore or in Amazon, although supporting your local business is always a good idea.

You’ll find a link in the description to a stream where I showed some snippets of the book, if you’d like to see for yourself what you’re going to find there. Now let’s go. The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is a mean place: it’s filled with people who would gladly rip your arm off and eat it. Brutality would be a great word to describe it. This world started to be especially brutal during the Martial Law in the late 90s and early 2000s, which is the bloodiest period in the history of this universe and marked the apocalypse of the Cyberpunk world. After the collapse of the American Economy, the citizens of America weren’t very happy about losing everything they had and they started to revolt. The Government of the States didn’t have enough resources to keep people on check as the government in the shadows, the Gang of 4, was sending all troops available to fight international vendettas against the political enemies of the CIA, so President Jonathan Seward thought the best solution was to declare Martial Law. As this seemed to not be enough, during the Martial Law new legislation was passed: the Federal Weapons Statue, which allowed people to carry openly as many weapons as they deemed necessary for the protection of self and property, which added to the Second Amendment cut the rioting to a half.

It worked. This mentality, and this law, are current in 2077, although only people who use guns in a day to day basis and want to make sure people know, carry them openly, other professionals as Solos, like the great Morgan Blackhand would say, keep their cards in their sleeve to make sure people can’t estimate your firepower with a quick look. And also because, even though it’s legal, it can paint a target on your back and it’s often not appreciated by local authorities that may use the “preemptive self-defense” card on you if they don’t like your looks. The fear of the brutality of this universe is often exploited by arms manufacturers to market their products to the general public and increase their sales.

This created a Guns Culture in America. As everyone nowadays is potentially equipped with offensive, lethal cyberware, most states have widely extended their interpretation of the right to defend oneself, therefore, the term “preemptive self-defense” was coined, which allows people to shoot first if they are provoked by individuals carrying suspicious or threatening cyberware or weapons, although the meaning of the words “provoked”, “threatening”, or “suspicious” may vary a lot depending on the person who is potentially threatening. This is the second good reason to avoid walking around Night City with a gun in your hand.

In Night City in 2077 you can buy a regular weapon almost everywhere. From vending machines that offer cheap and shitty polymer guns from BudgetArms, to supermarkets or convenience stores who also offer a basic selection of weapons, although there are always specialized shops, like Second Amendment, who are more specialized in this particular. Heavy weapons, though, are not as easy to get, as selling them is forbidden in Night City and only available for public or private police forces, who are heavily militarized. That doesn’t mean you can’t get them, just not legally, if you have the contacts you may find independent underground vendors specialized in whatever need you may have, including the latest cutting-edge corporate prototype weapons, but don’t expect them to be cheap.

If you intend to pay for them. Then there is a third type of weapons: borg weapons. Borg, short for cyborg, is a colloquial term to define the type of weapons that have so much power that are designed to be wielded and used only by heavily augmented users, as they require a special cyberlimbs, full-body conversion, or Assisted Combat Personnel Armor, and in the case of Cyberpunk 2077 a perk that you need to upgrade. These would be the weapons of choice of the Arasaka Cyborg Adam Smasher, although he can also use a high-powered motorcycle as an improvised melee weapon, so maybe imitating him is not a great idea.

We will discuss more this type of weapons in the next video about weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Now let’s talk about the manufacturers. The top tier of weapon-producing companies is dominated by Asian corporations, Arasaka at the head of it, as it provides a wide range that is ground tested by their own troops, including black ops, which gives an extra trust when you use them.

All ranges, you’re going to love Arasaka. When it comes to weapons, most probably not for anything else. Tsunami Arms, a corporation that sided with Militech during the 4th Corporate War would gladly take Arasaka’s place if they could. This Japanese company started out making model air guns in the 90s, and when the government made it possible for private companies to get weapon production licenses in 1998 they jumped to the front line. If they like you enough and you have the eddies, they may make a gun especially for you. The Chinese company Kang Tao is a young manufacturer that made a name for itself very quickly, helped by absorbing the Taiwanese arms producer Kang Tao before Arasaka did, which was obliterated during the 4th Corporate War, and using the good name that the Taiwanese company already had.

The Chinese Kang Tao is specialized in neural-linked weapons, also called “smart” technology weapons, which, means: where I put the Kiroshi I put the bullet. This automatic aim will be translated into the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 for those players that want to enjoy the RPG elements of the game or other gameplay mechanics but are not very fond of shooting, this feature and, therefore, this manufacturer, will most probably be avoided by those players who want a real shooting challenge. The mid-tier manufacturers are dominated by American companies, with Militech at the head of it. Classics as the Militech SSG, also known as the Crusher, currently standard equipment of the Psychosquad, gave them a name beyond purely military equipment. Midnight Arms, which in the 20s was a distributor for respected firms as Mystic Technologies, Techtronica, Hendachi, and Pursuit Security Inc.

Started producing their own weapons after the Time of the Red. In 2077 they’re known and respected for their heavy weaponry. Malorian Arms, which was the brand of choice of the solo Morgan Blackhand after he got tired of the Crusher, also the brand of choice of Johnny Silverhand, for whom they created a special model. Malorian is currently struggling to keep up in spite of their longevity. This once famous company hasn’t released any new models since 2043, but they are still considered to be the iconic producers of reliable handguns. Techtronica, also called the “Russian Militech”, is known for their high-tech consumer weapons, including exotic weapons, laser and microwave weapons, pulse rifles, and all the equipment you are going to enjoy so much and it’s going to give us so many different gameplay options beyond the simple shooting enemies in the head. If you aren’t a huge fan of modern technology and want something simple but robust, then Constitutional Arms is your choice for excellent shotguns and machine guns.

The quality of Constitutional Arms is endorsed by years of experience as, for long, they provided basic equipment for the Night City Police Department. Small lore anecdote, in the pen and paper game, this brand was called “Constitution Arms” and not “Constitutional Arms”, apparently CD Projekt Red had to change the name for copyright reasons. If eddies are tight, you also have choices if you can lower your expectations. The relatively young company Nokota earned its reputation as a producer of inexpensive arms that are still reliable and powerful. Darra Polytechnic, the Indian and chic “Federated Arms”, made a name for themselves designing inexpensive weapons for military forces in the 3rd World who don’t fit their soldiers with chips and plugs. If you appreciate Style over Substance this is a good choice for you, but don’t expect great quality. The Servian Rostovic, highly appreciated for up-and-coming Solos in the EuroTheatre that didn’t make it high enough yet to equip themselves better, were for long considered the heirs to the Russian gun-making dynasties. Their weapons are cheap, simple, and highly customizable.

But if you appreciate your eddies more than you appreciate your life you can always print one of the polymer do-it-yourself kits of Budget Arms in one of Night City’s Microfactores. Don’t expect much for them, in fact, expect nothing at all just in case. And these are the manufacturers of weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, and the history behind them, I hope my little shopping guide will be useful for you when acquiring a gun in the game. As on here we only went to the lore and manufacturers, in the next video (or when I can do it because I wanted to take some days off) we will talk about types of weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 because it gives for a whole video, so don’t forget to subscribe and click the notifications button if you want to be informed when this is going to happen. Also following on Twitter at Madqueenshow or on Discord, link in the description, is a good idea since YouTube notifications may be sent out as they may not, you never know.

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