Cyberpunk 2077’s INSANE 1200+ DPS Tech Revolver & How To Get It! (Epic DR12 Quasar!)


What is going on young nation and welcome back to the neon arcade for a cyberpunk 2077 guide on how to get the most insane epic tech revolver in the game, with upwards of 1200 dps, which is by far the strongest firearm, that i’ve come across in the Game eclipsing its legendary variant by over two times now this is a beefy tech, revolver, meaning it can pierce cover and turns into an absolute cannon capable of shredding mobs of enemies in less than a second.

Today, i’m going to share with you the location of this weapon, it’s stats and how to use it to find this weapon you’re going to want to open up your map and scroll over to the far right or east into the richer area of north oak cozy. It up on the hills. Next to westbrook up on a secluded hilltop, there will be a heavily fortified impala, automatics factory, which is one of the bigger combat areas. When it comes to ncpd scanner hustles in the city, there will be a myriad of different cameras that you can hack into armed robots and flying drones, as well as a large mech inside a garage at the back of the warehouse in the middle next to a Computer will be the dr-12 quasar tech revolver, with 1192 dps with 120 to 147 damage. This in combination with the 8.89 attacks per second, and you have a 1200 dps average, allowing you to melt enemies with ease.

Additional stats include an empty scope slot and two built-in mods one increasing crit damage by eight percent and the other increasing your chance to apply damage related status effects by five percent. This gun is an absolute beast at ripping off heads from a distance and is honestly better crowd control than the best shotgun. So if you have specked into handguns, they should pack, the punch that you need holding down the trigger will charge the first shot, allowing you to spray and pray, whereas tap firing. The weapon fires two rounds at once, better for singular targets. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little tutorial on how to get the epic quasar and for more content join the nation by subscribing to the neon arcade .

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