Get These Free Secret Legendary Weapons & Fixer Armor In Cyberpunk 2077


There are a lot of really powerful weapons in cyberpunk 2077, but some of them stand out among the rest as being just ridiculously overpowered. Now, today, i’m going to show you some of the locations for these weapons and some of which are going to be completely free. Now i’ll also be showing you a locations for a complete armor set for the fixer, and it’s a really really good armor set might not look the best in the world. It actually looks kind of cool, i’m interested to see what it looks like on the female v, but um. These armor sets are gon na, be really good and uh. The first location here we’re actually going to be purchasing a shotgun that, quite frankly, shouldn’t be allowed to even exist. Now there are two ways to acquire this shotgun, the first of which is to purchase one of them at the rifles and pistols shop, location which is in the city center. Now, if we zoom out here, you can see that it is in the city center and we’ve got the weapon shop. That’S located, uh, very close to one of the cyber psychos.

Many of you have probably gone here for your mantis blades as well, but if you go to this shop, we’re gon na be able to purchase just an absolutely ridiculous shotgun from this guy um. Now it’s saying that i don’t have the requirement, for it says level requirement 39, but i’ve already purchased one from before. So i think, there’s actually a glitch to be able to get this at lower level all right there we go. So what you can do is, if you don’t meet the lever requirement for whatever is available in the shop you can actually exit out and then just pop out of this area and then skip time 24 hours and it’ll repopulate the weapons that are in the shop. You can keep doing this until you get one that is adjusted and available for your own level. I’Ve already purchased one, that’s slightly better than this one, so i’m gon na go ahead and stick with this one, but as you can see, it’s a smart shotgun it homes it on target. It’S a self-guiding shotgun.

It’S got a hundred and fifteen point two: nine percent crit damage increase with a 26.9 crit chance attached to it. It does poison and it has a really good headshot multiplier as well. Now, the only other way to get one of these bad boys that i know of is to actually play through the story and then unlock the blueprint from a loot chest that you’ll get and you’ll be able to unlock after defeating a boss. Now you might also be able to get really lucky and get the crafting recipe from a drop, but you can see this is going to be able to do a ton of damage now now, what’s even better about this, is you can be able to shoot around Corners as well shooting around corners with a shotgun, quite frankly, just should never be allowed ever in the history of anything. It is so bloody unfair and then it also causes poison damage, which is just ridiculous, and it’s got incredibly fast, reload as well, which just makes it that much better of a shotgun. So if you like shotguns, this is a must-have.

Now next we’re gon na get one of the pieces for the fixer outfit, that’s in the santo domingo area and if you go to the fast travel point, that’s located right here at kendall park. That’Ll get you really close to the first item that we’re gon na. Be getting now, it is going to be under this ferris wheel here and if we go straight back this way there it is, can be located right next to this dead body like there’s a ton of people like in the park and uh nobody’s here. So it looks like for the female: it’s actually a skirt, interesting. We got a velvet o-ring choker too hell yeah and some euro dollars now. Just remember if you don’t like the stats that you get on any of these items when you run up to them. Just remember that you can save before you loot it and then reload and you’ll be able to cycle the types of mods that it spawns with and the stats it’s really nice. But we got plus seven carrying capacity on here too nice for the next piece.

We need to go to westbrook in japan, town and, if you fast travel to the crescent and broad fast travel points, you’ll be able to pop out and you’ll see this location right here now inside of this blue van here is somebody: we’ve got that we’re able To loot, uh we’ve got the elasti-weave fixer pumps with reinforced seams 73 armor and obviously the little mods that we get on. There are going to be randomized um. Let’S see how these these look. Oh man, i like that. There’S like different completely different styles, depending on your character: oh nice, they’re, nice and golden beautiful. We are looking fine now now. Next, we need to head to jig jig street. Now, if you forget exactly how to get up to jig jig street, i recommend fast traveling to the cherry blossoms market. And then you can put a pin on one of the joy toys here, and this will put you the pathway, that you need to go uh to get up to jig jig street here now.

We’Re gon na see this little uh alleyway right here, and this is where we need to actually start climbing up to be able to get up to the pants, the fixer pants, so just kind of follow the pathway all the way up to the very top of This building and there’s going to be a ladder right here and then we’ve got a dilapidated little building here with a spunky monkey sign outside and on the inside we got a dude who had a very bad day. We’Ve got the protective layer, fixer, skirt or pants. If you’re playing as the male v, oh we’ve got the anal express, oh no. Next, we’re gon na have to head out to the desert this one’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere. You’Re gon na see this van with the reaper smiles upon you.

Well, that’s terrifying. Does somebody shoot off his? Oh, no he’s just got some kind of robot feet. Uh but anyways on this dude he’s got the net um the the nomad shirt there we go, so this one’s actually got a quite a bit of mod slots on here as well. Decent amount of armor and we’ve got a skill shard on here too, which is really important. Now next up, we’ve got another legendary weapon and they’ll also probably be some epic weapons around here as well. Now, if we zoom into this location, you can go to one of two different, fast travel plans. You can go to the long shore south, which is pretty close. Uh we’re gon na head to this reported crime, location right here, um, but it’s actually from the road you’re gon na see this entrance to this building with all these pipes and everything you’re gon na want to run all the way back here and run up these Stairs now there will be a couple guys in this area that you’ll have to murderize uh there’ll be one over here. I think there’s three total on the roof and three below uh.

This guy actually dropped an overture which is one of my favorite pistols, um and then over here we’ve got the body for the quest right here. Who’S got a epic saratoga submachine gun and you can loot everything else from him as well, and then we’ve got in this chest: the m2038 tactician, which is a power. Now this shotgun is nice and it’s like completely gold, which is really cool, comes with a nice little scope on here as well. Now the only downside to this one is: they do take forever to reload. This will do quite a bit of damage, but with all of these shotguns, the only problem i ever have is the epically long reload time it’s like a leisurely, slow like no rush reload, but they do do quite a bit of damage. Now i do have a location for another piece of armor that is right nearby, where we just were.

It is right next to the lily park, fast travel point, and if you go right here on the map, you’re gon na see uh a cirrus cola shop. Now this comes from schwandt john on twitter, who pointed this out for me and right on the top right here. It looks like a dude, maybe jumped out of a building and landed right here, but on him he’s got the anti-piercing tactical media cargo. Pants he’s also got a health booster, a weapon and some other things as well. I do hope everybody enjoyed today’s video go out and get them legendaries and i’ll see you all on the next one.

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