How To Access V’s SECRET MANSION, Armor And Weapons! Cyberpunk 2077 Secrets


Did you know that our character v has a secret mansion that you can access in cyberpunk 2077? This is on top of a skyscraper, and this is actually owned by v. We can fully explore it. There is secret equipment and weapons to acquire inside and there’s a lot of other things that you can loot and check out to learn some more things about the game. Now this is kind of difficult to access. As you can see, we are really really high up here and it’s a bit of a process to get to, but i will be showing you exactly how to get up to the secret mansion in today’s video and we’ll be able to access this fully and explore Everything that’s inside now before we can actually do this. There is one thing that we’re gon na need to get from the ripper dock, to actually be able to make our way up to the secret mansion uh. You can go to any ripper dock to be able to get this done, i’m going to vic just because i can always get to him.

Super duper easily uh, but we’re gon na need uh, reinforced tendons. We’Re gon na need double jump, so this one’s pretty expensive. I think this is the cheapest they can get. If you need money. I have plenty of guides on how to make tons of money extremely quickly in cyberpunk 2077, but those will allow us to actually double jump, which is, quite frankly, really handy to have in the game in general. I suppose, but you absolutely need it to be able to do this, so you’re, just gon na double tap a to be able to double jump. There is also one more cyberware that you’re gon na need to be able to make this work, and that is the karenzakov. This allows you to aim and shoot while dodging and slows time by fifty percent uh. This is gon na be used in one specific part of this to be able to get up to the secret mansion, and you should be able to get this from may rip any ripper dock as well.

Now, once you get your cyberware equipped at the ripper dock, you’re gon na need to fast travel to your apartment, which is the mega building h10 atrium all right once here, we’re gon na head to the left and we’re gon na double jump right up here. Jump across here and then we’re gon na need to jump up onto this balcony, and then this is where things are gon na, maybe start to get a little sketchy and you might need to practice this a little bit. So what i recommend doing is just creating a save game here. So once you get that save game made, we need to jump up onto this ledge, it’s a little sketchy, so just don’t fall off and then we need to use that uh cyberware to do the dodge. So we’re gon na aim our weapon, we’re gon na dodge and then we’re gon na cancel it and dodge again, and that should get us up onto that ledge up there. We’Re gon na aim right about here we’re gon na dodge we’re gon na, cancel it and then we’re gon na dodge again, and then you do a jump after that.

Second, dodge and it’ll boost you up onto this level. So now what we need to do is we need to come over here. We need to do that again and get onto these air conditioner units you can save here. If you want as well now, this jump is a little sketchy. Our goal is to kind of land right on that one here. So we’re going to aim here. Well, we’re going to jump up onto the ledge first we’re going to aim there we’re going to dodge we’re going to cancel it and, oh, oh, we didn’t quite make it. I don’t know if we can grab up onto here there we go and we can still grab onto this ledge perfect. Now we need to jump over there so just to be safe. I’M going to do the same thing, we’re going to dodge dodge and then jump perfect. So now we’ve definitely got the hardest part.

We got to jump up here and then somehow jump onto the other side of this, and then we got to jump over there. I definitely recommend saving here. If you haven’t already uh. This is definitely going to be a spot, that’s really sketchy and you might fall off quite a few times trying to get it to work. We need to hop up here and then kind of hop around it. Takes a second there, we go okay, you know what i would recommend even saving here in case you mess this jump up so from here. There’S only two jumps left to get this jump over to there. We need to aim dodge, cancel dodge and then jump all in quick succession, and we made it baby all right. That jump may take a little bit of practice. I recommend saving again now from here. We need to jump over to there doing the same thing that we’ve been doing there. We go and we’re kind of gon na get a little bit glitchy here once we make it to here, though, all we need to do is just kind of run over this way. Now from here, we just need to hang a right and we’re actually going to just jump right through this wall.

This is gon na put us on the outside, and this is where things get really glitch glitchy. You can actually see all of the cars in the entire game wow. I love doing these like kind of like outside of the map things, and this things are just going to get really glitchy here, we’re going to need to run all the way around, because it’s like we’re inside of the structure, but we’re also outside of the structure. At the same time, so all the clipping and everything is just going to be really really weird here, but we need to run around the outside of this building, and this right here is what we’re looking for. So there’s this building here and i would recommend probably making a save game right about here, because that down there is where we need to go, but we need to get right over to there.

So we need to be able to get down there now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do the same dodge and dodge, but we’re not going to jump until we get closer to down there, because we need that jump to kind of save our life a little bit. So we’re going to dodge dodge and then we get closer. I guess we didn’t actually jump that time, but you know what i think other than me. Oh, my god, hello, make sure to just heal up here, but more than likely you’re going to want to jump there just so we’re back there. So that way, you don’t break your legs and die, but now what we need to do is we need to be able to get down here down to the bottom without dying, so we need to kind of like fall off and then get our double jump closer To the ground, so that way we don’t take damage there. We go we’re gon na get stuck down here a little bit, but here we are, ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to v’s secret mansion. Now i don’t know if this is something that’s going to be added later in the game for us to be able to access, because we do know that there’s going to be dlcs for cyberpunk 2077, we can explore fully around here.

We can get inside of the mansion and there is quite a few bits of loot to acquire on the inside as well. Now, once you’re done taking screenshots of your achievement, we can actually hand it right inside of the mansion. Now the doors will be able to be openable, there’s a bunch of different things. You can actually check out here. We’Ve got some karoli’s new security bot line. There’S plenty of things to be able to loot. Now, there’s some equipment upstairs we’ve even got a whole. The marriage of heaven and hell it’s going to be an interesting read now through here is something really fancy we’ll get to that in a second uh, but up on the upstairs, if we go into the bedroom area, we’ve got v’s special closing, so we got v’s Shirt, these gold-plated boots and vs golden aviators, expensive, leggings and everything look at this.

So, let’s grab all of these. Now these are going to be different depending on, if you’re, the male v or the uh. Oh, my god, why did that explode or the female v uh? So let’s go ahead and put the male v stuff on right now, because i’m just genuinely curious at this point. Well. Needless to say, these are interesting. Oh my god! Look at that booty, so this special shirt is it’s just interesting in general, um, so yeah. Those are the clothing that we can get from up here. We’Ve got the spectacles, the golden aviators, which look sweet just in general. The outfit looks cool. I wan na know what that is. I wish i could wear whatever that was uh. Let’S see what we got going on in here looks like this is just the bathroom. We can look at ourselves in the mirror: uh.

Okay, nothing through here. Well, let’s go check out the armory, then, shall we – because there is a really nice jacket in here, which i know you can get in other areas of the game. We can get the replica of johnny’s samurai jacket in here. So i’ve been looking for one of those bad boys. This probably goes well with the uh, with the set that we have on us actually now that i think about it. So we put that replica on looks like there’s questline attached to it as well, just in general everything’s. Looking oh yeah, look at that. We look baller now hell yeah. This is beautiful, but then we’ve got all. We got an entire armory of weapons here which we can loot. If you want to. I don’t think that yeah there’s no legendaries here. Um. Oh, look at all this. Oh that’s! Just a reflection! We’Ve got a knife. There. We’Ve got some more information. I wonder if there’s anything on this: oh we do have some messages here.

Little gig v pulled every last string we had, but i think it worked got the fuel grabbed an orbital air tanker, wiped it from the record. So that’s from emrick. I wonder if we got anything from uh, so we got something from clouds there interesting. I wish we could grab those samurai swords or that samurai sword, but unfortunately we can’t, but in general yeah, that’s everything. That’S up here feel free to peruse at your leisure. At some point in time i imagine this – maybe maybe this was just something that was cut from the game – i’m not 100 sure but yeah. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I do hope you all enjoyed the video i’ll, see you all in the next one.

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