How To Get The Best FREE Secret Motorcycle In Cyberpunk 2077


So i think one of my favorite things about cyberpunk 2077 has actually just been exploring the world and finding all the secrets and weird things the world has to offer, and today we’re gon na actually find a secret motorcycle that you can get. I was a little disappointed with the variety of motorcycles in the game. There’S only a few that i would actually recommend using, but this is actually a really great motorcycle with a quest line attached to it and you can get it completely for free now. There are quite a few other free vehicles that you can get in the game, and i’ve got a few other videos already ready for some other free cars that you can get as well. Now, the location we need to go to is kind of close to the badlands, and if we go all the way south here to santo domingo and right at the edge of this in between the gun show well, just behind the gun. Shop really is a little bit of a secret here now.

This is going to unlock a quest line for us to be able to get a free motorcycle. Now, when we approach this garage door here also, i highly recommend uh garage doors in the world. Most of them can’t be opened, but a sign for one that can be open and often have secrets behind them is they’ll. Have this light behind it sometimes it’ll be red, sometimes it’ll be green or yellow, but if they have a light on them, typically they can be opened. Now, once we open this bad boy, you’re gon na see um a motorcycle here. Oh wow, nice had something similar, but none of that nomad, [, __ ]. Let me guess big busty blonde on the side. First beg your pardon and second brunette [ __ ] stand corrected. We’Re fixing this what’s wrecked. As wrecked it doesn’t look that bad doesn’t look that bad at all. Well, there’s got to be a way to fix it. Do we got anything in here? I we got a cowboy hat with oh hell, yeah i’ve been looking for a cowboy hat for reasons. So, let’s see, if there’s anything, maybe on here nope, we got no messages.

We’Ve got. Oh, we do have a message: everything, okay. I heard these guys trashed your bike. Sorry, i don’t know what got into them. I’M just happy you’re, okay and listen. I know your rules meant a lot to you, but you have to let this go. I’M serious! The tigers, don’t joke around! Oh look when we come out of that, there’s actually a photo there new job, the highwaymen, interesting. Oh, we need to actually track that job. So it seems something: horrible has happened to josie and if we track this job, we’re gon na go find james and it’s gon na initiate more of the quest line to be able to get this secret bike now, what’s really interesting now, when we go into the Quest the highway men, we need to find james to see what happened to josie, knowing this game, something horrible probably happened to josie. What’S even in more interesting is when you go to track this, there’s actually no location given to you, which means we need to actually go explore the world to be able to find james.

Now we know that things happened with the tiger claws, so there’s only one real area that we can actually explore to be able to probably find this npc. That means we need to head to westbrook now, thankfully, the photo that we saw. I gave enough clues to kind of get a general idea of where this was and i actually really enjoy this questline, because it’s kind of like i i like quests, that don’t just point you exactly where you need to go and you have to do a little Bit of exploring for it now, the location we need to head to to find this person is actually just at the very edge of westbrook here and just before you get to this bridge. You’Re gon na find like a little food court area right here, and this is where we need to go to now. If we follow these around he’s, not actually gon na be sitting on one of these, i think it’s over here yeah there we go so we can see the heart right here so zero to 14 77

There we go so i showed this photo uh you, the guy in this picture home dog guy, in the picture that you how the hell did you get that i broke it. I found it alongside josie’s banged up bike, trying to figure out what happened to her. Oh, so you, a cop cut the [, __ ], show me a badge. No, i’m just somebody. That’S going to do some, murdering your personality, just trying to put some facts together. Something happened to her something bad right: [, __, ]. She, the tigers, didn’t like her.

Okay told her to skip town but josie [, __, ] josie didn’t listen when they smashed her ride, said she’d pay them back, i begged her not to, but she clapped the bike off some boss. They chased her. There was a fire fight after that, no idea or in jersey, yeah i’d, say something bad happened, listen figure, anything out anything. Let me know. Okay, i got you buddy and hopefully he knows where to go. No, all i heard was when it got rough. She ran to the metro, must have gone south red line from japan town, but no idea where she would have got off not much, but still something. So i know where that is be in touch. Do you have any new ones? Nothing, let me guess you need it see. I like this. You actually have to know the area a little bit to know where this is. Thankfully, i’ve done enough exploring to know where that metro station actually is so where we need to actually go to is down in haywood.

Now, if you fast travel to the metro, glen north fast travel, point that’ll, get you pretty much right where we need to go and then from here, if you’re, looking at the metro, you’re going to see this arrow that points left. This is where you’re going to follow and you’re going to head straight down this way, just a little ways. Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me. This is why i just get double jump, so i can double jump over all the stupid cars um. Would she be getting close there we are so just over here is going to be a vending machine in an alleyway. Now, if you activate your sensor here, you’re going to notice there’s something on the ground, so we’ve got human blood several weeks old, severe injury. Now, if we continue to use our sensors, we’re gon na find some more blood human blood and then just around the corner.

This poor josie deceased for several weeks, nomad from aldocaldo clan, blunt force, trauma and blood loss, and then we’ve got bad news. Bled out took a while, though, tore those fingernails right off on the pavement all right now so from here. We just need to head back to um a location we were just at and go talk to that guy again. Sadly, we’re gon na have to give him the bad news, found josie dead and you did it the [ __ ]. Are you talking about? You know what you lured her into a trap, knew your tombs were gon na zero. Her didn’t have a choice all right. She crossed the guy at the top i had to understand. They would have zeroed me, so you let them kill her. Instead know what if you’d hazed her just pretended to be in love, so you could use her you’d just be another [ __ ] in a town full of them. But no, you really did love her and you still helped him get her you’re, a real [, __ ] back jamie even for night city, shut up, shut up. Whoa sure! Excuse me, sir. Oh, we got a nice epic katana from this. What else does he have here? We got some vodka here so now we need to find the stolen tiger claw bike. There we go so, let’s see here if we open up our menu here and go to our journal uh, so don’t have to be genius. So josie hid the tiger boss’s bike somewhere in night city near the all foods factory and maelstrom turf, said to look for a ghost horse interesting now.

You will need to keep note of this actual number here on the heart, because this is going to be a code that we need for the next part. Now the location we need to go to is in watson, that’s where the maelstroms are and if you zoom in there’s, actually a fast travel point for the all foods plant now right when you arrive at this fast travel point it’s right here. If you look right across the way, there’s a horse here and, as i mentioned earlier, whenever you find these garage doors with lights on them, look there’s another horse right there. It often means that you can enter these now. What we need to do is actually type in the code that was on that chair to get in these touch pads can be a bit of a pain, but the code is zero. Two one four boom baby.

Now we’ve got access to the secret bike that was stolen from the tiger clans. You can actually find these out in the world and ride them on your own, but now you can actually own it, which is great and um. What’S great, is these bikes are actually really really good? They’Ve got a probably one of the best turning radiuses. I think i’d have to test it with some of the other ones, but i’ve always really liked these. When i first started playing, i was out stealing them all the time, because they’re actually really nice bikes, but look at this thing. We’Ve got a skull on the front with eyes for the lights. It’S actually really nice. I could do without this little back part, but otherwise i really really like the look of it. I wish we could customize our own motorcycles and cars as well.

Maybe it’s something they’ll add in the future after they fix all the bugs and whatnot, but it’s definitely worth getting, and the quest line itself is really interesting. Now the bike is really fast: it’s not the fastest vehicle in the game by any means, but the the bonus part of this is it has a really nice turning radius uh. It handles really really well, and it might be it’s definitely in the top two bikes to get in the game and the best part is it’s completely free now i do hope you all enjoyed today’s episode. If you did make sure to slap that like button like it, owes you money and i’ll see you all in the next one.

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