How to increase FPS in Cyberpunk 2077.


Hello everyone, great here Today we will increase the fps in Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk was released on December 10, although developers have announced that many improvements are being made, which will then become available in the zero-day correction. Well, we are waiting for them to fix everything, especially the optimization. Let’s start with an easy one. Before starting the game, enter the task manager, slow down the update speed.

And we close all unnecessary programs. Cyberpunk is very demanding not only to the video card, but also to the processor and RAM. We close the browser, the rift and all secondary programs. And it is better to restart the computer first and then close the programs were at startup. I will use FPS Monitor to monitor FPS in the game. Just start Cyberpunk. After starting, go to settings and schedule. And just make each setting Low or Medium. For high FPS we just make all settings to a minimum. Later we will look at the option for normal quality and stable FPS. For now, we’ve just kept everything to a minimum to see how much your computer can do.

After setting these settings, restart Cyberpunk. Well, I have an almost stable 50 frames per second, although we just changed the graphics settings. Then minimize the game, go to Task Manager, Details. And you are looking for Cyberpunk2077 Right-click, set priority> RealTime. Boom, exactly 60FPS. Of course, sometimes the FPS sags, but there is no freezing. Now there is a way that there is not enough RAM or needs at least 8 GB to play. But it is not stated that this is visible without Windows and system programs. We will fix that. Go to and download Process Lasso. And install. After installation, start Cyberpunk. Once we enter the game, we minimize and start the lasso process. Search for CyberPunk in the processes and right-click and select Set advanced monitoring rules Enter virtual memory values ​​greater than 1 megabyte in 1 second, and then trim the virtual memory.

And click Add Rule. Done. Start CyberPunk. And we do the same as before, only after entering the game, minimize, return to the lasso process, right-click and select Set advanced rules for the observer … But now we just click OK. It will make a mistake, but just ignore it. We return to Cyberpunk and watch how memory is freed. This can reduce from 1 to 2 gigabytes. Works not only in Cyberpunk, but in any game or program, try it.

Then I noticed that the textures were not loaded well in the game. Cars, people. Of course, this is due to the low settings, but somehow everything is completely bad. Then I noticed that the game works properly, you need an SSD, not a hard drive and moved Cyberpunk from HDD to SSD. And the textures started to load normally. So if you have an SSD, install the game there or wait for patches that will fix everything. And the last way is to simply reduce the game’s resolution. I switched to HD and the game just gave me a great 60 FPS, no frost and works great. Experiment with the settings if you haven’t gone through the freezes, try setting the optimal settings for yourself and lock the FPS to 30 frames per second. You need to get rid of small lags and the game will run smoothly.

The game has just been released, so we are waiting for fixes that will improve performance. Write me in the comments how you increased your FPS and which method helped you. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to make the red button subscribe in gray. Thank you..

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