How To Unlock Cyberpunk 2077’s Secret Ending [SPOILERS]


Cyberpunk 2077 has several different endgame missions and possible. Endings accessing them depends on some of the choices you make throughout the game and which characters you choose to help, but there’s also another secret, ending one that you might not ever uncover. If you don’t know how to find it, here’s everything you need to know to access the secret ending, which requires some specific dialogue choices during the chip and in side mission, of course, be warned.

There will be cyberpunk spoilers, so continue at your own risk to access the secret ending continue through the main story. Until you finish, the tapeworm quest that’ll, give you access to a new side mission called chip and in work your way through that quest. Until you get to the end, where you’ll have a conversation with johnny silverhand in an oil field about his life, you’ll need to make specific dialogue decisions during this conversation to unlock the ending just follow through the choices you see on screen. So that’s how it is nothing here at all. What did you expect headstone flag and flowers yeah? I i don’t know a marker, something anything we’ll figure something out better now a bit, but let’s say it was my real grave. What would you write here?

Lies johnny’s silver hand, the guy who saved my life v. You don’t know how much i want that to be true. Listen. I realize i [ __ ] up a lot of things: either let down or used every last person who gave me their trust, blind, selfish bastard that i was, but i’ve managed one thing for now, not to [ __ ] this up what we have no johnny. You [ __ ] that up too you used me lied to me. I can’t trust you at all. Is it too late to ask for a second chance? What do you want from me? Most people, i thought were my friends. They couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with me: you’re [, __ ], closest to me by a long shot. There. 24 7

And yet you don’t seem to hate my living guts, at least so it seemed till now, okay, but as second chances go. This is your last. I refuse to be that naive, i’ll, try, damn tired, johnny silverhand, relentless rocker boy who never gives up v. First, amongst suckers you’re, a real dick wipe at first, you sort of deserved. It remember waking up at victor’s, not knowing about me i’m seeing things.

I’M scared, then moaning at misties about how you didn’t want to die. Remember you whining for smokes in the middle of night complaining about not being able to kill me. Never thought we’d make it this far. When you said you let your friends down, did you mean rogue rogue alt, kerry, santiago, not always lost yet, at least with rogue can’t pretend nothing’s changed over 50 years, can’t just insert myself into our life. Smasher biz really got to her. You can’t leave it like this. I don’t think might be right. She was acting weird you oughta talk to her. You know did promise her i’d. Take her to the movies long long ago. Good idea call her for me: ask if she’s free some night thing is you’d have to surrender control again. Yeah i’ll call her okay, let’s delta, nothing to see here after all, worth coming out. All the same.

Absolutely thanks fee of all the heads. I could have popped up in hella glad it was yours, finishing chipping in will unlock another mission called blistering love you’ll need to finish that one too, don’t worry your choices. There won’t matter. You have to finish this mission to unlock the right ending choices, though now go to the point of no return. The main story mission, nocturne op55n1. After your conversation with hanako arasaka you’ll wind up at vixx, go through the dialogue and misty will take you up to the roof to make your decision about how to approach the end game. During this conversation. First pick the option to let johnny and rogue raid arasaka tower after that. Just wait: you’ll need to let the game sit without saying anything for around four to five minutes kind of tough deciding which of your friends get to die.

Isn’T it good news? Is you got this one tomb who’s already dead and he’d be honored to join you on a wild suicide run. Johnny will then give you another option going to arasaka tower alone with just johnny and no backup unlocks the don’t fear the reaper endgame mission. It’S one of cyberpunk, 2077’s, toughest challenges and you’ll want to get v’s level and gear as high as you can before. You attempt it if you die during this end game mission. Cyberpunk will cut to the credits, so you have to make it all the way to mikoshi in one attempt, we’ve got a ton of cyberpunk 2077 coverage so be sure to check out for more.

If i got ta die rather fall into my grave gun in hand and on fire and not drag anyone down with me. Huh, you just discovered what it takes to become a legend grab your eye. Let’S mobilize you.

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