Hello guys so in advance in case you guys hear any plastic or anything i like to apologize. I have a cat behind me that is enjoying her playtime here and yes, i included the glasses to make me look more intelligent. I don’t actually use glasses, but maybe you guys will believe what i have to say if i am using glasses, let’s go ahead and get into the video for masteries build i’ll, try to make this nice and quick. So there’s not too much mumbo jumbo, though maybe i do want some mumbo jumbo, so let’s go ahead and get into the different builds. It’S been a while, since i made a build video and the reason why is, i did not know what builds i wanted to do this season, but i’ve been playing.

I played a few hundred games and i think i’m finally at a position where i could talk about the builds in the runes that we’re going to be seeing. So, let’s talk about probably the most popular build and the most popular ruins and it’s actually pretty decent, and that would be the kraken’s lair build so for crack and slayer uh. What we do is we go the very typical runes that we’re running last season. So this is conquer triumph, alacrity, coup de gras, eyeball collection and ravenous hunter with attack, speed, a.d and armor. So the very interesting thing about this build is that it really sticks to the spirit of massey last season, where you’re trying to auto attack people a lot and uh do that on hit damage.

Um. The thing is about this build. I don’t think it’s as good when the season is all about one shots and stuff, but this is definitely the most popular uh build in lower elo, so we’re gon na cover it, and i i think i think it’s probably it probably is actually the best build. But i don’t like it, but i think it is probably the best build um. So the core items are the crack and slayer. Let’S go ahead and put that on the screen. We have the kraken slayer goons rage, blade, whatever kind of boots that you want, and then we move on to choices. So here’s where here’s, where i branch out, here’s where you need to really sit down and think about what you’re working on. So you have your two guaranteed items, and now you need to look at. Do you want bladed ring king? You get that against, like uh, tanky, comps or things that you need to slow down like, let’s say you’re against the nasus or singed um you get.

You can get a wits end. You need us against ap comps as well, where you’re doing a lot of magic damage to yourself you’re, getting taken a lot of magic damage. Uh, you can also get a death, dance and death. Dance is pretty good against um heavy burst ad champions like kha’zix, right and yeah. So those are your three branchy items and then, after that you want to get a staring stage or another item that you didn’t pick up previously. So, in this case, let’s say you went wit’s end, you can now pick up a death stance or if they don’t have any ad damage at all, you can pick up a stair eggs or you can pick up a blade of the ranking. So you kind of have to make a choice between these items here now you can also, if you’re feeling a rather rather um aggressive. You can always pick up a phantom dancer as your third item. It’S cheap and it gives your goods more damage, and it kind of gives you that ramp up.

So that’s also another choice, but these are basically the items that you’re juggling around a bit to try and find out what you’re gon na be uh playing with. So i guess to conclude here: you’re basically from our third item: we’re picking blade and ranking wits in a desk dance or a phantom dancer and then basically the rest of your items are any of those or sterags. Maybe even if you need some anti-healing, you can grab that uh new, mortal reminder which has isn’t that bad at all. And of course you can pick up a guardian angel as well, but i think actually right now. Zhonya’S hours glass is a pretty solid option on mashi. It does uh when you, when you compare the cost efficiency of the items. Sonya’S hours glass is not terrible when compared to a guardian angel, especially when you think about the active you’re. Getting i’ve actually built zombies hours glass in a few of my games, um not as a not troll thing.

I actually think it can be quite worthwhile but yeah, so the build is uh pretty similar to how it was last season, your skill level, up’s, the same q e, w, r or sorry r, q, yeah, um and yeah. That’S that’s pretty standard build now. I think that most of you guys could probably figure this build out on your own, so i don’t need to really hover too much into it. This is just this. Is the bread and butter build that you’re gon na be building every game if you’re uh really wanting to play mastery at the level that you used to last season? But what we need to do is we need to start looking at some of the other build options and i have been playing a very specific build lately and if you’ve been watching my videos, you probably know i’ve been playing with dusk blade and dustblade’s receiving a Nerf dispatch, as well as master yi mastery is receiving a q cool down.

Nerf and the thing is: is the q nerf isn’t actually going to affect the duskblade, build that i’m about to give you and that’s because of transcendence? So let’s go ahead and look into the runes here. So in our runes we’re running domination with halo, blades, a lot of people might say: well what about dark harvest when i’m going like a crit, lethality master yi build well, the thing is: is um. I i do like dark harvest uh when i’m playing on servers where i have a bit more ping, it’s a lot easier to utilize in halo blades, i think uh. If you have low ping, hello blades is probably definitely the way to go hello cat. Thank you for joining us. Hilablades is definitely the way to go. Um dark covers can be used if you’re higher ping or, if you’re feeling a little bit uh snowballing entirely up to you.

Next, we want to grab ourselves sudden impact. Then we want to get eyeball collection and then we still want to get ravenous hunter. So it’s a bit weird because, typically, when we run builds, we don’t give ravenous hunter, but ravenous hunter is actually pretty good, because now it gives omnivamp. And what this means is that um we now have a form of lifesteal in our kit without actually buying lifesteal. Like a lot of people, ask casa: why don’t you buy lifesteal or whatever and the reason? Why is because ravenous hunter basically gives us nine percent lifestyle, it’s fantastic and then for our secondary or those little tiny runes.

I just get a adaptive force, adaptive force and armor uh. I don’t really feel the need to have attack speed, because the idea behind this build is that you’re gon na alpha strike somebody in an auto attack and they’re dead and then your cooldowns up. And then you do it again now um, let’s go ahead and talk about the other entry. I completely forgot to tell you transcendence, which is sorcery tree, so in the sorcery tree you want to get nimbus cloak and transcendence, and really honestly, all you want from this tree is transcendence uh. You can mix up the nimbus cloak if you want to it’s, not as good as it used to be, and the idea behind this is transcendence works additively with master ecq.

So what this means is that when you kill somebody, your alpha strike goes off of 90 cool down, so um and the most recent nerf alpha strike is getting a two second nerf right if you’re running transcendence – and you have a nine second alpha strike, your alpha Strike cooldown is still under one second, which means you can alpha and then auto attack right and then you can move and then your alpha strike will still be up before you get out of stealth. So transcendence is really important here because of the additive reset. Now you could opt instead to go into precision and get triumph and legend tenacity or alacrity, but i think you should try transcendence and give it a shot and see how it works. For you now remember, this is after level, 11

It’S also some free ability case too, but i mean that’s not that important. Next up we have the items, so the items are also very important by the way. Let me just go and draw it out there. I typically run ignite with this, build because ignite works with collector um yeah so for items i typically go dustblade first and then i’ve been experimenting with essentrever as a second item. So in this case you want to go as intriguer or collector and then for your third item. You would want to go as intriguer or collector, so you get whichever one you didn’t get and basically after you get two items, you’re one-shotting, any everybody anyway. The thing i love about azentrever is that it works on minions as well. A collector doesn’t really do anything when you’re farming, the jungle.

It does give you the stats you want, but it’s not very cost efficient. So if you take a look at the cost efficiency of the items as intriguers over 100, while uh the collector’s near 90 percent and sure it gives you some gold, but you need like 10 10 – kills to get like 250 gold. And that’s after you complete the item. Um, i’m also just use the collector for the stats. I don’t actually care about the execute, but it does work with your ignite and it also works with red buff, which can sometimes give you some of those clutch kills. You wouldn’t get otherwise. So after you get those items, what do you get well um? Once you get that forty percent critical chance, then you can pick up the infinity edge so yeah, i typically like to grab infinity edges. My fourth item gets a lot of burst.

Very very powerful and uh. Sometimes you might see yourself picking up some critical cloaks so like. Let’S say that you have your dust blade as a retriever and a pair of boots consider buying two critical cloaks and then working on your dust. Uh your collector afterwards, because those critical cloaks give you a lot of extra burst right. It’S uh, it’s something good to have, so you complete those items and then what do you need? So in this case i typically am looking for another critical item. So you might look at getting a mercurial scimitar if they have a lot of uh cc. Oh goodbye cat and you might look into getting the armor penetration item if they are starting to build some armor so uh. I believe that is uh. Lord dominic’s, lord dominic’s, gives you a lot of extra damage as well, and i really like it there and now. A lot of people are going to ask me about nevari, quick blades, and i think the thing about nevari quickblades is, i talked about it after you get a kill with transcendence.

Your cooldown is less than a second. That means one auto attack will reset your alpha strike. So, in my opinion, i think navarri should be saved for a very, very, very last item when you’re full build, because you don’t need that cool down reset when you’re cue, it’s just not required, and another last item that you can pick up is lasagnas as well, And i know i’m not making this a troll thing, because when you’re in team fights, if you don’t get that reset you’re dead right. So if you go into a team fight – and you can’t reset off of somebody – you can always say zhanya’s – somebody gets a kill and then you basically, i believe you just come out of zanya – is invisible right. So um, that’s a pretty good, pretty good combo there.

As well and zanya’s is really really cheap this season, so what you can do is you can pick up lasagnas for two or so team fights, and then you could sell it for your nevari later on because it is very cost efficient. It’S very cheap and it’s very easy to use and it can really turn some team fights so yeah um. I don’t typically build other items in that build it’s pretty much. You just fully focus on burst and you go through and you kill them. It’S working pretty! Well, for me, i typically do the best on my team um. I don’t always win my games. I think i think we’re sitting at about like like a 53 or 54 uh win rate with this build but um i i do typically do the best. I think once i can start to really figure out how to utilize the build. I think we can definitely see some more wins and this build has a very ap mastery feeling to it so uh. If you have not been trying this build and you’ve been using the other build, i highly recommend you try it out.

I think you will enjoy it a lot and, at this rate, we’re probably going to get match e nerfed even more in the newer season uh. We also have the jungle, clear path that i want to discuss and also summoner spells so summoner spells, i typically run ignite and smite flash is okay, i mean pick whatever one you like that might just gives you some more aggression and some more extra damage when People start building those tabbies. Sometimes it’s the difference between getting a kill or not getting a kill, um and then the jungle pathing. So we’ve been talking about jungle path in quite a bit. Lately, some of the master emails have decided that they were tired of their slow clear, so they started trying to increase the speed as they’re clear with the new, clear um.

Basically, it would really require a video to show you fully how it works, but the idea is that you want to get your jungle cleared and not the crab by 315 and i’ll. Just give you a nice little tldr of it, you go into the krugs right. You alpha strike them. You kill these. The medium-sized krug after you kill the big one with smite. You activate e on the medium-sized krugs and you slowly walk towards raptors as you’re killing them you alpha to the raptor camp. Instead of walking up to it, you kill one of the small raptors as you’re pulling them to the bush. You kill the big raptor alpha strike. There will be one raptor left, you kill the one little raptor as you walk the wolves.

You can use e on that camp. Go to wolves, don’t use the on this camp. Alpha strike slowly, drag them to the blue buff alpha strike they’re, both they’re all dead. You don’t have to use e. You don’t have to hit any small wolves hit. The blue buff pull it over to the grump smite, the grump pull the gromp over to the blue buff and then pull the blue buff back to the grump and get two alpha strikes on those camps. Um you want to get the blue buff down to 320 health and then alpha strike. The grump it’ll die because your alpha strike does 320 and then you walk up to the crab by 315.

Now i don’t know if my editor has any clips of these kind of things happening. If you do mr editor and control, those in that would be really really nice, maybe speed it up while i’m talking over it, but i do want to talk a little bit more about those clears, and you can always see some of my early game. Jungle starts on calcep gaming, which is my other youtube channel. I haven’t been uploading there. As often i haven’t been really recording full games. I’Ve been just kind of being happy with my stream chat, so um yeah i’ll see if i can get some more videos there for you guys, if you guys have any questions at all, please let me know um. I have tried a lot of the other builds, but i think these are the two primary builds divine sunder.

I tried it, it’s not bad triforce. I tried it, it’s not bad. These are the builds that i think right now are the core builds. Oh yeah shield bow, i tried it, it’s not bad. These are just the core builds in my opinion, but you can you can try all those items if you want to so until then, good luck, guys and um. Let me know any questions on the comment below and i’ll see. If i can answer them for you.

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