The 5 BEST Legendary & Iconic Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons & Where To Get Them!


What is going on Neon Nation welcome back to The Neon Arcade for a Cyberpunk 2077 guide on the 3 best legendary and iconic weapons in the game, where you can get them and some of their stats & boosts. The first one we have is a legendary smart rifle that you can get from the 6th street gang in a side quest called Stadium Love. In this quest you will have to talk to the 6th street leader about a shooting competition, across the building tops of rancho coronado where you will be taking a shot of liquor before trying to shoot down targets with Weldon Holts face on it. You’ll have to complete the quest and depending on whether or not you finish some of the dialogue in a peaceful manner or not, you might have to kill the 6th streeters for it, or just pocket it and run away.

The Divided We Stand is a legendary smart rifle, with a really clean 6th street aesthetic, that is ideal for tagging enemies behind cover and hitting weak spots that you can scan on bigger enemies like mechs. You’ll need a smart link to use any of the smart weapons, so make sure you have your subdermal grip swapped out in favor of this. Divided We Stand has a +22.97% crit chance and 18% chance of poisoning as well as an empty mod slot. Next we have Skippy, an AI pistol that actually scales with your level, so you are going to want to keep this one around, especially if your build revolves around smart weaponry. Skippy dishes out electrical damage, buffs crit damage by 66.99% and has a 2.7x headshot damage multiplier with 2 empty mods slots. Skippy can be found in an undiscovered location on a body in a back alley in Heywood which is Valentinos territory. He’ll give you a brief & pretty funny spiel on what exactly he is so here’s a little teaser. In any case Skippy is a pretty fun iconic weapon and will be giving you tips and pointers as you use him.

Next we have the Widowmaker tech rifle, something that I’ve personally kept through my 45 levels in Cyberpunk 2077 thus far because I love it that much. This is obtained through a quest with Panam called Ghost Town, where you have to raid a raffen lair and defeat their leader named Nash. This weapon fires two projectiles per shot and deals chemical damage with an increased chance to apply poison. The Widowmaker has a slot for a weapon mod and scope, and is probably a cool little callback to Widowmaker to overwatch judging by the guns poison characteristics and its purple color. In another mission with Panam called Riders On The Storm, you are tasking with rescuing a member of the Aldecaldos. As a reward for this, Panam will hand you off a beefy Sniper named the Overwatch which has a built in silencer, increased reload speed and an empty mod slot. This is a heavy hitting early on rifle that along with the Tsunami Sniper will be a core part of your gameplay.

Next we have the crash, an Iconic pistol that is really fantastic if you are looking at pumping out the most DPS with some truly monstrous crits. Crash is a pistol you can obtain if you finish a chain of quests with River Ward. You’ll have to complete, I Fought The Law, The Hunt & Following The River And these are some of the better quests in the game so it is well worth it. If you end up with a positive relationship with River, he will give you his iconic pistol. Crash packs some beefier stats including a 61% crit chance a 184% crit damage % a 4.8x damage multiplier and a 2.5x damage multiplier from stealth when upgraded with mods..

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