The Best Secret Legendary Weapon In Cyberpunk 2077 You MISSED!


Are you absolutely sick of the npcs in cyberpunk, 2077 and you’re looking for new and exciting ways to just absolutely disrespect all of your enemies in the game? Well, today, ladies and gentlemen, i’m going to be showing you a secret item that will make your enemies wish. You never found it today we’re going to be getting a weapon that most of you probably missed, because you do need to make certain choices in the prologue to actually be able to unlock this item after act. Two well within act. Two and today i’m gon na be showing you exactly how to get it now. Also we’re gon na be trying to figure out a way to get inside of the building to unlock this. If you didn’t make the right choices – and hopefully we can figure that out, so everybody in the game can actually acquire these items now. I do hope you all enjoyed today’s video and without further ado.

Let’S get into this, i also just want to say hi to eso, who i know is going to be watching this video and if you want to save some time when you go to copy this, video for your channel feel free to reach out and i’ll just Send you the clips and save you a little bit of time now, all joking aside, when you’re in the prologue and you do the quest called the pickup with jackie, instead of just going straight into the building with jackie you’re going to want to do the optional Quest which is to call the militech agent meredith stout you’re, going to make sure to accept the quest and when you go down, things are gon na seem like they’re going horribly awry for you. But the goal of this is to basically placate her and get the militech shard that she’s going to offer you you’re gon na need this for the next part of the quest so make sure to take the credit chip. You can ask a question about it. If you’re corpo you’ll be able to tell that there’s uh software on there, that’s gon na corrupt somebody uh, but just make sure at the end of the day to get this credit chip from her.

Now that you’ve got the credit chip, all you need to do is head back to the location where jackie is going to be waiting for you and continue the quest line with jackie, as you normally would now. Once you get to the big chungus, that’s going to try and screw you over make sure to select cut a new deal after this dialogue. It’S going to give you a new option to offer up the militech shard that meredith stout gave you make sure to select this option now. This is going to give you another dialogue: choice where we want to select, want it or not, and then at this point we’re going to draw our weapon now you can uh. What i did here actually was choose to shoot royce, and this still unlocked the quest path, because i didn’t want to deal with royce later. So as long as we offered that shard we’re good to go from here now, once we escape this area, provided we did everything correctly, meredith stout should be waiting for us on the outside. Now all we need to do is get into act two now shortly after arriving in act.

Two is where the fun is going to begin. You’Re gon na get a text message from meredith stout and if you missed this, you could just go into your messages and it should still be available because you’re gon na be getting a lot of messages once you’re in act two. So it says militech played out, as i hoped thank you and remember, we don’t know each other. So what we want to select is shame wanted to get a closer look at your ink and then we’re going to go ahead and close out of this and wait for it. So no tell motel first floor come alone. That was very quick answer uh, so we’re gon na go ahead and select that then we’re gon na track the job. So, let’s figure out where exactly good old meredith stout is looks like she’s gon na be inside of room number: six eh!

Oh! What do we got going on in here? Oh boy, so what now well, i think we know what now, oh, my god, meredith stout, you got all sorts of stuff going on in here, good lord well. Needless to say, a lot of not safer work stuff is about to go down so now what we got to do is loot the room now, unfortunately, the object, we’re looting, may or may not have been used on you now. It doesn’t look absolutely amazing right now. Only 275.3 dps, but this is an iconic weapon. It can be upgraded and yeah yeah. It’S a giant dildo sword. So now the question becomes: can we find a way into this room if we didn’t make the proper choices? When we approach this, it says it’s occupied. So there’s no way for us to get in uh the normal way. So what i’m thinking is trying to find a way to glitch inside of here there’s a way to figure out a wall glitch. We know there’s a couple different that might be possible.

So if we come out here, so it’s gon na be after this garage door, it looks like the room itself is like right in here. We can’t get through this door. I don’t know we’ll see, so we know that there’s a wall glitch in the game using the caliber now you do have to specifically use the caliburn for this to work and it does work on pretty much any wall in the game, so presumably it’ll work for This as well, and all we need to do is actually drive up on any wall in the game and if we place the car just right, when we get out, we should glitch through the wall. So, let’s see what happens, we need to make sure we get out the left side all right. Let’S try this again left side and, oh my god, no oh, no make sure to save first, okay, it looks like we placed our car in just barely the wrong spot. All right here we go again. Let’S give this a shot and get out the left side. Pop through the wall, oh we’re so close, we’re right here! Oh we got this come on crouch crouching tiger, a hidden, dildo sword come on so close, but yet so far away this stupid lamp come on baby.

Oh, we did it. It’S not here at all. Oh man tried so hard and then oh, we can’t even get out too see. This is really one of those where there’s no way to get it. Unless you actually do the right things in the quest line. I was able to replace the model on this so that way i didn’t have a giant dildo across the screen, while trying to record this for youtube and needless to say, this is not what it’s gon na look like when you’re using it. But it’s it’s got this constant vibration sound to it, which is just interesting. I don’t know how to feel about it, but i did upgrade it to epic quality right now, but i want to upgrade this to legendary as well.

So if we go into our crafting here, you can see here well, for some reason it shows it’s going to be a lot less dps, but i think that might be a glitch for those of you that don’t know you can also, especially when you’re upgrading your Iconic weapons you can re-roll the stats and the best thing to do for that would be to just save before you craft it and then just try and re-re-roll the stats on it. That’S better! So it’ll have 2295.4 dps if we craft this one, but i think we can get it even higher than that. But let’s go ahead and craft this and just see here and go to our inventory and equip this bad boy. I’M so glad that this model swap worked so yeah right now, we’ve got 2 362.2 dps with 109.60 crit damage increase nice, oh and less stamina, when using it.

So, let’s just for funsies, let’s see how this, how this does? Can we just bonk these dudes in the head with it it vibrates extra hard when you attack with it? Oh my god. Oh i killed you, i’m sorry you’re, just absolutely! Oh, just hitting somebody in the face to kill them, just disrespecting them with sir phallus stiff. So it’s really unfortunate that i couldn’t uh actually fully up or um, get it without having to do the whole quest line. So you do, oh, my god, there’s so many people in here. What is going on? Who are you? Oh, it’s a cyber dude. It’S a cyber psycho, oh take it take it. You just took a whole buttload of damage.

How are you still alive, bye, [, Laughter, ]? It’S woefully unfortunate that um we do have to make sure to do just the right things in the prologue to be able to, or in act one to be able to actually unlock this, but uh. It was fun, unlocking it and i do hope you all enjoyed this video. If you end up doing another playthrough make sure to grab this and just disrespect all of your enemies.

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