Dark Legends Tips


Dark Legends Tips by octavos

DARK LEGENDS??>New Game, New rulz, new everything?.Please keep that in mind

I vanted to write this up to help ppl get over the fact the energy is needed for DL.
so vat i vanteded to do, is help you with some tips that can make your life a bit easier.

1. Buy premium toon, this well help ya in many ways and you will look good doing it.

2. if your time is limited in game do missions that require tons of time ?that require like an hour or so.

3. explore walk around?look beyond its flaws and give this game a chance.

4. Buy at least 2 extra slots ?Reason: if your main has 0 energy, level an alt?.(Duh!)

5. decide wether to turn off auto level up (I say leave it alone till u are used to the surroundings of DL) (WARNING: DONT RESPECK?bug ATM)
(get NEW CLIENT ITS FIXED, if ur having trouble with Re-Specking contact support)

6. Remember stash ATM only lets you put away weapons and gems?not money or vanities

7. dont be afraid to ask ppl in game for help there new to the game like you.

8. Energy does not level up with you, but missions do cost more as you level up.

9. if you buy multipal vanity packs (EG: witchdoc and classic outfit) you can mix and match (warning: make sure it has a vanity helm also, and some peaces take up chest and legs)

10. who dont like promo codes?!?!?! Here is some brought to you by Aculeas.

The question was asked, when will we get promo codes? The answer was given TOMORROW! With an exclusive promotional code for plat purchasers!



For those who are not sure how to enter the promo codes, there are two ways that I?m aware of.

1. If you are in game, pull up the chat and type /promo xxxx, replacing the xxxx with the code.

2. The second way is from the sts nexus.

Tap the STS Nexus button from the character screen:

Then tap the promo code button in the lower right corner:

Then just enter the code and collect your phat lewtz.

Please feel free to add tips, this is to help ppl and keep this positive.

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