Dark Souls 3 is finally out in the wild (although secretly it’s been out in Japan for ages, but don’t worry about that) and if you listen closely enough, you hear the distant sounds of spirits and controllers breaking across the globe. Lothric can be a deadly place, so here’s five essential tips you need to know to keep that incredibly-condescending “you died” popup from appearing. Keep your shield up As you enter new locations, From Software thinks it’s funny to have things appear from nowhere and take away all your hard earned souls. One way to avoid this is to always keep your shield up by holding left bumper, or L1, as you move from place to place.

If you’re a mage, or the type of character who prefers to walk around without a shield at all, firstly you’re bonkers, second keep your finger over the roll button, so you’re ready to dodge anything that comes your way. Backstabs are easy, but enemies are smarter Backstabs are easy to pull off for low-level enemies, so use this to your advantage. Rather than waste time stuck in tactical battles with rubbish minions, run behind and stick a blade in their backside. However, some enemies are smarter, too, and will use shields to stop you sneaking round the back, so don’t think it’ll be an easy ride. Now we’ve got all that double entendre out the way, onto tip number three. 3. Fools rush in After a death, don’t hastily run back to where your souls are. This is an easy way to end up with nothing, or worse, a Bendy Bully. Proceed through the area as if it’s your first trip. Caution is always the word of the day in Lothric. Beware of your surroundings As you’ll spend a lot of fights circling and strafing opponents, you need to be mindful of the space around you.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking right off the edge of a cliff halfway through a battle with a knight, plus you know he’ll go back and tell his friends what you did. Battles in Dark Souls can be an endless game of finger-twister, but paying attention to everything is the key to sticking around long enough to earn enough souls to get better Leave plenty of space to heal Estus flasks are your key to surviving between bonfires, but they take a while to consume.

If you need one in the heat of a fight, make sure there’s enough room between you and your opponent to take a sip, or it can be wasted. You can press X/Square multiple times to drink more than one, which can save time, but give plenty of room. .

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