Welcome to my Anri of Astora walkthrough. If at any time in this video, you enjoyed it, please leave a like, and subscribe for more content. Aight, lets get started. The first encounter you have with Anri, is at the Halfway Fortress Bonfire, in the Road of Sacrifices. Now Anri can be male or female, depending on your character gender. You wanna exhaust the dialogue here. It is optional, but they can be summoned for the Deacons of the Deep after that. Next talk to her in Firelink, then again, in Catacombs of Carthus. Tell Anri you have NOT seen Horace. Now you wanna head down to the Smouldering Lake, and snuff out Horace. He’s either gone hollow, or, just, mental. But either way, he was still fucked to begin with. Funny enough, .. this arena where your at now, is just below the bridge where you cross to beat High Wolnir.

And, Anri should be standing right there, so it’s pretty ironic. Once you’ve killed Horace, you wanna go back to the Catacombs, and, speak with Anri, she will, she’s in the weirdest spot, like, .. I dont know, from a designer point of view this is pretty stupid for a NPC questline but. To be put in a spot swarmed with enemies that keep spawning? Im not sure. But anyway, just tell Anri that you saw Horace, and you will receive the Ring of the Evil Eye. Once you’ve discovered Irithyll, you can find Anri at the Church of Yorshka Bonfire. (Yorshka’s such a good NPC). (cos he’s fukin dead). After you’ve exhausted Anri’s dialogue, you wanna go in the corner of this room, and kill the Pilgrim in Chameleon. This Pilgrim, is an agent, sent by Yuria and if you do not kill the Agent here, then this will become Anri’s “Bad Ending”.

Grab Chameleon off the corpse then head toward Anor Londo. Once your outside the grand hall, you can find Anri’s summon sign to the left of the double doors. You’ll be summoned into Anri’s world to help defeat Aldrich. .. Once you have defeated Aldrich, she, will think that, Horace, helped her? Instead of you. These are signs that she’s slowly turning, and you will see why. Head back to Firelink and talk to Ludleth. He will give you Anri’s Straight Sword. I think he was talking bout Yuria, and how Yuria’s gonna use you, for the “Dark Ending”, but. .. After you receive Anri’s Straight Sword, you wanna go to the Smouldering Lake, where you killed Horace, and..

Anri will be there. You get no special reward for doing this, but if you wanna complete her full story, then, kill her here. This concludes Anri’s “Good Ending”. If you wanna try her “Bad Ending” you have to do it on another playthrough .. As you can see she was watching over Horace’s shit. Now Im gonna show you how to complete Anri’s “Bad Ending”. Go to the Undead Settlement, and send Yoel back to Firelink. After that you have to acquire 5 Dark Sigil stones. .. In order to do this, you have to receive 99 hollowing. Pretty much just kill yourself 5 times. Every 2 deaths you have, you get 1 Dark Sigil stone and 1 level. This can only happen 5 times, until Yoel dies. so basically every 2 deaths, just go back to Yoel and level up. Once Yoel dies, then Yuria will appear in his place. From this point on you wanna start, and proceed with Anri’s questline like you would in the “Good Ending”, .. until you get to Irithyll. And once your in Irithyll and get the “Quiet Resolve” gesture off Anri, .. the only difference you wanna make is leave the Pilgrim in the corner of the room DO NOT KILL THE PILGRIM.

Next, proceed to the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight, and kill pontiff Sulyvahn. Once you have, return back to Yuria, and she will inform you of a new.. “endeavour”. She will instruct you to go to Anor Londo Take out the “Gwynn Statue”, which is an illusory wall, and proceed with the Wedding Ceremony. (love that fukin sound!) In the end, you will receive Anri’s Dark Sigils, and.. if you save and quit, in this area, .. you will find Anri’s Straight Sword where her corpse was laying. Now if you did Anri’s bad ending first, and you haven’t got it already, then head back to the Pilgrim, and, you will find Chameleon on the Pilgrim’s corpse. and.. ye. The Pilgrim, just spontaneously died. For some, important reason. We’ll never know. Aight guys 🙂 Thanks for watching this video, I really appreciate your view, and, hope you have a good one. Aight, see you in the next one. .

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