Hey what up guys CHU_Neco here. Today some Dark Souls 3. We show you how to beat the Curse-rotted Greatwood. Lets go for it. The Curse-rotted Greatwood. You find this boss at the end of the Undead Settlement right after you get bombed by the Giant Spears. This cursed creature is the object of worship for the Undead Settlement inhabitants. And it seems like the whole settlement is cursed by this tree cause when you look around in the settlement area you find alot of people or corpses who seemed to get turned into like trees or something. Before you go and fight this ugly wooden fuck, make sure to find the Mound Makers covenant first. Thats cause when you start fighting the Curse-rotted Greatwood you break through the ground and will kill an NPC who gives you an item which you need to turn your boss souls into weapons. I put the wiki link in the discription below so you guys can go and unlock the covenant first. The fight has two phases. In the first phase you need to wreck the trees ball sacks or eggs or whatever to drop down his HP to like 50%.

I recommend to try take out his hint legs first. When he sits down focus your damage on the eggs at his crouch. During phase 1 the undead enemies will spawn infinitely so dont worry about em. The Curse-rotted Greatwood is extremely slow but his attacks hit hard like a truck. In phase two The Curse-rotted Greatwood will smash the ground and you fall in�to a pit. A large white arm will grow out of his chest. This phase is very simple.

We do this wet and sloppy: Just circle around him. Keep your distance and try to take out the remainin sacks. After each of his attack you can land a couple of hits or just use your range weapon. The Greatwood has a few eggs on his lower back, a few eggs on his right leg, and in the mid at his chest. Try to play it safe and avoid to get grabbed. The Curse-rotted Greatwood can also be fooled with Alluring Skulls and is weak to thrust and slash damage. Well thats it for today guys. Thanx alot for watching. And if you guys know any other good strategy for this boss, please post it it the comments below. As always: like if you like, dislike if you dont like this shit and feel free to subscribe to our channel for more awesome Dark Souls and gaming stuff.

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