Helo guys, im Radikal from Solusi Radikal and this is my guide for dagger dancer build Dagger build utilize evasion over everything else That means this build involved load amount of rolling, and dodging with style Before we continue, let’s take look about the good and bad things you will get from using dagger build Starting for the positive, dagger weapon relies on it’s speed. As one of the quick weapon, dagger user always take advantage of their weapon speed to initiate, stack auxilary faster or to take advantage of the small gap between enemy attack or to take advantage of the small gap between enemy attack Also, dagger moveset require less stamina which make you able to keep maintain your pressure way longer comparing other weapon type The most important when using dagger lies on it’s weapon art Quickstep is an utility movement that give more invisible frame than normal roll Thanks to it’s short cooldown and low stamina usage, you can use this weapon art to dodge series of attack over and over, while at the same maintain your position to strike back.

Moving on the dark..i mean bad side. Dagger main weakness lies on it’s small damage By small i mean bellow minimum. Right now im using maximum infusion dagger which i think has the best damage Which i think has the best damage overall, and even when im enhancing it My damage i still way behind a stardard weapon without any sort of buff The next one is the animation, im not saying that every dagger movement are garbage But this weapon successfully mixing some bad animation Several series of attack are just not worth it oh yeah don’t ever try to mash attack button to NPC that wear a huge shield Since your attack will bounce and your close distance will make you into an easy prey for them low and crappy animation ultimately make any battle longer than it will normally take Imagine taking down someone with around 100ish damage at late game content Yeap it is gonna be that long Ok, now you know the pros and cons of being a dagger user, now let’s proceed on status tinkering Based on my experience, your main focus will be Vigor, Endurance, and Attunement Vigor allow you to recover or simply not die after making mistake, so big health is a good thing to have So big health is a good thing to have Endurance provide stamina that allow you to keep moving Or pressure your apponent during PvP While high attunement means that you can use your quickestep multiple times And i tell that it is reaally good when you keep moving like Muhammad Ali and continue Stinging your apponent over and over The other status can be adjusted to your own style But my advice is to get both 10 intelligence and 10 faith for pyromancy buff which quite mandatory in book.

Also, i don’t recommend on pumping too much Strength or Dexterity because the low dagger status scale means that you will definetly sacrifice a huge thing over a small damage bonus Moving to weapon type, the daggers division doesn’t have much choice But there are two weapon that picked my interest The first one Bandit knife which one of the classic Souls weapon This dagger is the only weapon in it’s categories that has natural bleed auxilary effect nuff said. it’s main weakness lies in two handed movement, where the first thrust move are followed by wide vertical slash which take time to perform, and this mean you are pretty much vulnerable after landing your first attack The second one is the briggand dagger.

This weapon reminds me of my Dark Souls 2 dagger build, Only this time it’s way weaker Story my life. Anyway, this weapon specialty lies in it’s two handed attack, where you can stagger the enemies way longer or build auxiliary way faster Than any dagger moveset. Sadly, this weapon weakness lies on the two handed first attacking animation. For the sake of safety and trying not to get squashed, i forbid you to start your attack By using 1st two handed moveset Instead, just use the main hand weapon attack, followed by offhand weapon attack since the second two handed attack has a quick animation while your character lean further towards your enemy. Next is the weapon infusion, again on my experience Never-ever put element infusion like fire, unless you are on early game stage where fire infusion is still viable for dagger build Right now, the best way to pump your damage is to use Hollowing infusion, But don’t get tricked by pumping up luck just because your weapon get OK damage in this infusion, since it won’t get your Weapon damage any higher comparing to increase Strength or Dexterity Also, infusion like hollow, sharp, heavy, refined, and raw, allow your weapon to get enhanced And enchanting weapon is a MUST for a dagger user to increase their damage ratio So don’t forget to bring enchanting powder like charcoal, or even carthus rouge for bleeding if you use don’t use bandit knife Using enchanting magic like pyromancy carthus flame arc is also a good choice, since magic enchanting weapon last way longer than item enchanting.

So uh, that’s all i can share to you guys for now. I will make an update if i found something Interesting, or fromsoft decide to make short weapon way better. If you have something say about this video, please do not hesistate to put your thought on the comment section bellow Also don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to our channel Thank you for wathing my video, sembah nuwun and see you next time. .

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