Hello guys, video showing you how you can create boss weapons in Dark souls 3. So every time you kill a boss you’ll notice that you receive a large soul with the bosses name, and you can transpose this into a weapon, a ring or a spell. Before you can do this however you’ll first have to acquire a Transposing Kiln, which can be obtained when defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, which is an early and optional boss. Once you have the Kiln, head back to Firelink Shrine and head up the stairs to speak to Ludleth of Courland who sits on the second throne from the left. Give the transposing Kiln to him and he will now convert your boss souls into weapons and items. Just to show you quickly, begin transposition and the list of items will come up.

There’s 2 for each boss soul you hold right now on this character that’s only Vordt and the Curse-Rotted Greatwood’s, sometimes they’re similar items, sometimes they’re completely different, sometimes they’re weapons and a spell, and sometimes they’re just a strength and dex variation of almost he same weapon. Since you only have 1 soul, you will only be able to buy per game cycle so make sure you pick wisely. It’ll also probably cost you a few souls as well, but not very many. Also, it’s kind of important to remember that you can’t upgrade boss weapons using the titanite shards, large titanite shards and titanite chunks. Instead they use Titanite Scale, which is nowhere near as abundant or easily farmed so if you plan on enhancing a boss weapon you’d best be sure that you like it beforehand. And that is how you can begin creating boss weapons in Dark Souls 3, I hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe.

As always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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