This video is done as a short companion to the Nvidia guide for super low Dark Souls 3. Remember that I am running a crowdfunding campaign over patreon to buy some AMD cards to start that as well. While intelHD does not offer the sophisticated options necessary for these super low LOD values you can still add super low resolutions that will show up in the config screen of the game. Assuming you have your latest IntelHD driver, there is a section on the integrated survival guide on that, you can access the intelHD control panel to discover that the custom resolution functionality has been removed because, and I quote “this function was determined not to be useful for current hardware configurations” Right, if you disagree you will have to naviate to your Windows, System32 folder and search for an application called CustomModeApp.exe which will once again warn you of how you are using untested functionality.

Here, you can specify a custom resolution, specially low ones and it will show up in the Dark Souls 3 configuration menu. Please be aware that there is a separate list for resolutions of an external monitor if you have plugged one in So, then, you can use that resolution in the game… And may god have mercy on your GPU. .

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