Hello guys, Dark Souls 3 video today showing you how you can join the Sunlight Warriors covenant more lovingly known as the Sunbros. I sort of stumbled across the Medallion by mistake so it’s not unlikely that people will end up missing it so I thought I’d throw up a quick guide to show where it is. First off teleport to the first bonfire on the Undead Settlement map, I’m not sure of its English name at the minute, the Google translate is immortality street I’m not sure whether or not they’ll use that but if you know what the name of it is let me know in the comments and I’ll leave an annotation or something. So when you arrive here head towards the rest of the map, you’ll have to walk up here and go into this building you’ll fight two guys, you can run past them but it’s easier just to clear them out the way. I find at least. Kill this guy too then drop down and then go outside and you can drop down again here. You can fight again here or you can skip these it doesn’t really matter I’m just skipping for the purposes of speed, and to the left you’ll see a building that you can enter, go in here kill anyone who’s following you and the weird leg guy.

Normally you’d be going down the steps here but to get the Medallion there’s a hole in the ground here. You just got to drop down here, and there’s a pot that will heal all your HP and you can use this every time, and the medallion will be here on this sort of, torture table thing. Now you can enjoy your jolly co-operation. To put it on all you need to do is open up your inventory. It’s not like in Dark Souls 2 it’s more convenient. It’s essentially just an item that you put on, and you can switch Covenants freely, so when you put it on you’re now a member of the Sunbros and when you put down your summon sign it’ll be yellow and you’ll come out as a yellow spirit rather than a white phantom.

Anyway I hope you found that useful if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe, as always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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