Hello guys, another quick video showing you how you can start to PvP by invading other people’s Worlds in Dark Souls 3. Once you’ve reached Firelink Shrine you can climb the stairs and at the back of the room leaning against the centre throne is an NPC called Leonhard. Upon talking to him he will give you 5 Cracked Red Eye Orbs, which are what you use to invade other people’s worlds. To start invading make your way to an area appropriate to your level to make queueing quicker and simply use the item from your inventory or if you’re invading a lot you can put it on your sort of, quick items. Then simply wait and once it finds a match you’ll be teleported into their world and then you can find and harass them like the scummy red phantom you are.

The monsters in the world will be friendly to you, so you can use that to your advantage, but since you can only invade worlds where the host has their embers, there’s a decent chance you’ll also be running into a world where they’ve summoned friendly phantoms as well so be prepared for a bit of a ganking. You’ll be able to acquire more cracked orbs later and also a complete red eye orb which will allow for unlimited invasions but I’ll make a seperate video to show how to get that later.

Anyway I hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe. As always guys thanks for watching and happy ganking. .

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