Hello guys, another quick video showing you how you can unlock unlimited large titanite shards from the Shrine Handmaiden in Dark Souls 3. To unlock the ability to purchase the second tier of shards you need to acquire the Easterner’s Ashes and hand them to the Handmaiden. To find the ashes you must first have defeated Pontiff Sulyvahn and made it to the second section of Ithryll of the Boreal Valley. I’m making my way from the water reserve bonfire but you can come from the Pontiff Sulyvahn one too, there’s not that much difference in length, this one’s a little bit easier though. Make your way up the ladder here, it’s also important to note that if you’re embered here, you’re pretty likely to be invaded by the Aldritch Faithful and you’re in a bit of a precarious position once you have the ashes. Just keep on climbing, and then at the top you’ll find yourself in a building and this is where the paths from the two bonfires converge, see here there’s the courtyard filled with giants.

Just head up the staircase here and turn right and drop down. You need to be real careful here because there’s a lot of Greatbow Bolts flying around in the area and if you get hit you’re going off the edge, so do be quick and use cover. Head up the slope and just to the right you’ll notice there’s a platform below you. YOu can roll from the start of the next slope onto it and you’ll see that there’s a corpse hanging off the edge of it, pillage it and you’ll now possess the Easterner’s Ashes and have fun getting out of whatever mess you’re in now. So, to unlock the large Titanite Shards simply hand the ashes to the Handmaiden back in Firelink Shrine and then the next time you open up her purchase menu, you’ll find Large Titanite Shards for 4,000 souls a pop, as well as some other stuff too like the Easterner’s Armour set which is pretty good for Glamour Souls 3 but we’re not really that interested in that.

Anyway that is how you can acquire the Easterner’s Ashes and use them to unlock the ability to purchase infinite large titanite shards. If you found the video useful let me know via a like comment or subscribe, as always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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