Hey What’s going on guys! So today we’re gonna play Dark Souls 3 on Ps4. I’m gonna show you a pretty fast to make souls. It’s not for beginner tho, because its near the end of the game It’s in the Grand Archive, it’s like inthe 9th zone I think. So you need to kill like the 3 Angel-Gargoyle thing, I don’t know how they’re called, but its something like that. They’re like big Warrior in gold armor, that have angel wings and they have big halberdsand one of them have 2 little axes, one in each hand and he’s pretty fast so he’s the stronger of the 3 But each one of them give like 14 300 souls if you have the silver covetous serpent ring Here just go left and go upstairs.

Go up here and keep going you’ll see the 3 gargoyle on top of the tower here and they’ll drop down to attack you so go left. Go left, because this way only 1 gargoyle will fall near you the 2 other will be the other side. That way its a 1 vs 1 🙂 Thats the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring OUCH!! Oops … We’re just gonna do this quick because the other gargoyle is comming behind us … As you can see they give 14 300 souls with the ring on 🙂 So a total of 42 900 souls for the 3 of them !!:) Oh Great ! We got they’re Halberd! I believe they can drop titanite chunk … I don’t remmember if i ever got one, but im pretty sure you can. .

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