Hey what up guys! CHU_Neco here! Today Dark Souls 3. In our first guide we show you how to defeat the first Boss Iudex Gundyr. I hope you gonna enjoy the video! Iudex Gundyr is the first boss you will encounter after being revived in the Cemetery. You need to take him out in order to get acces to the Firelink Shrine which is the basically the HUB in Dark Souls 3. When you first encounter Iudex Gundyr he is an immobile statue but as soon as pull the coiled sword from his chest shit is getting real. And by the way who the fuck came up with this name. Like is it a greek god or mythology or something like that? Well i googled a bit and Iudex means judge in latin, and gund means battle in old germanic.

Together it means test battle or something like that Ok now lets jump into the battle: In the first phase of the fight, Iudex Gundyr tries to smack the living shit out of you with a halberd type weapon. Dodging is the key to this fight. Well at least for the first phase. If you are good at parrying, you can try to parry sure, but its quiet hard to do that. So here is what i think is the easiest way for the first phase. Try to trigger his jump attack. Use the lock on function and as soon as he jumps try to dodge to the left side. Now you should have plenty of time to land a couple of hits. Repeat that till Iudex Gundyrs HP is like at 50%. When his HP drops down to 50%, Iudex Gundyr will start to transform into some lizardish serpent kinda thing which looks like Nicholas Cage…..

Durning phase two he gets much more aggressive. Be careful, because his attacks will gain a lot of speed and range from here. So i did this fight with a thief and the easiest way is to just keep your distance and shoot him with the bow. Thats all. Dodge his attacks and you should be fine. If you play with a sorcerer, just use ur fire magic. He is weak to fire and you can burn him to a crisp in no time. If you play a Knight or something comparable, well you may have to get close to him. Try to roll forward through his attacks or roll past them and hit him in the back. Be sure not to get grabbed I think its not the hardest first boss in the Souls series, but he can still give you a hard time. Well, thats it for today guys. Thanx alot for watching. And please use the comment section below and tell us what you think of Gundyr. Is it the hardest or the easiest first boss in the series? You know any other good strategy? please let us know.


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