Orbeck’s quest starts in the Road of Sacrifices. Make sure you have 10 Intelligence before engaging him, or, have the Scholars Ring equiped. He is just before the Crystal Sage boss room. Speak to him. This is optional, but head back to Firelink and buy 3 sorceries off him, then talk to him to acquire the Young Dragon Ring. If you do not already have it, by starting as the sorcerer class. After Orbeck is sent to Firelink, head to Farron Keep. This is the Keep Ruins Bonfire. You need to give him at least 1 scroll, before fighting the Abyss Watchers. Otherwise, he will disappear from Firelink, and his quest will cease for this playthrough. Go and pick up the Sage’s Scroll, and bring it back to him, to prevent this from occurring.

After that is done, the next steps, are to acquire the rest of the scrolls to fulfil your promise with him. The second scroll you can acquire is in Farron Keep, just like the Sage’s Scroll. Head to the right, from the bonfire, and hug the wall, until you reach a cave with Basilisks congregated outside of it. Inside the cave, you will find the Antiquated Set, in a chest, and the Golden Scroll, on a corpse, that is seemingly clutching the scroll, with dying hope. Once the 2 scrolls are acquired, the last 2 are found late game, when you reach the Profaned Capital Bonfire. Go down the ladder, and head out as if you were doing Seigward’s quest. (Just ignore any enemies along the way, with the exception, of Crystal Lizards, ..due to upgrade materials ye). Because the one enemy we are looking for, right now, is the Court Sorcerer, located on the roof area. Orbeck’s quest is quite simple… the meat of the mission, is to acquire the scrolls, and bring them back to him.

The rest of his quest just involves buying all the sorceries he has to offer, then speaking with him, and summoning him for a boss fight. The Court Sorcerer has Logan’s Scroll, and can pose quite a threat with his Crystal Sorceries. So be patient, .. when fighting him. Look for opportunities for critical hits. Aight, so… just try not to get stun-locked by his combos.. because they can really hit hard. .. And, once you’ve killed him, .. grab the Logan’s scroll that he drops.. and, progress your playthrough, all the way up to the Grand Archives. .. The next scroll we are obtaining, is on the twin, of the Crystal Sage boss. .. That scroll, is the Crystal Scroll. Rumoured to be, of the Pale Dragon Seathe. Kill the Crystal Sage, by damaging him, in the 3 spots that he warps to. Or kill him, when you have the oppurtunity, if he reaches low health. At any spot.

Once you have killed the slippery fucker, the Crystal Scroll will be added to your inventory. Now, all that is left, is to give Orbeck the scrolls.. in any order, to fulfil your promise with him. These are the sorceries Orbeck sells before you give him any scrolls. First to give him, is Sage’s. The Sage’s Scroll unlocks: “Great Farron Dart”, and “Farron Hail”. And Pestilent Mercury is available after you have given Orbeck at least 1 scroll.

Logan’s Scroll unlocks: “Soul Spear”, and “Homing Soulmass”, which are, Logan’s sorceries. The Crystal Scroll unlocks the crystal variants of: “Magic Weapon”, “Soul Spear”, and “Homing Soulmass”. annd, finally… the Golden Scroll unlocks the Oolacile sorceries. Now buy all the sorceries off Orbeck that you have not purchased yet, and then speak with him, to obtain, the “Silent Ally” gesture, .. and the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. After you have obtained that, save and quit, or reload the area, and speak with him. He will leave Firelink Shrine after this.. Beat a boss, and have the Curse-Rotted Greatwood slain, then he will be available to be summoned, for the Twin Princes boss fight. Once you beat the Twin Princes, with, or without him..

then his ashes are found on his corpse, in the Grand Archives. He was undead.. and now, hollow. Once you have his ashes, you can give them to Yuria, if she is at Firelink Shrine, for the Morion Blade. Or give them to the Handmaid, to be able to buy all that he sold, before his death. This concludes, Orbeck of Vinheim’s questline. Thank you for watching. .

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