What’s up people Sinx here again in Dark Souls 3. And let’s make another trade in the birds nest. In my last video here, i got this lucatiel mask. And this time here, we gonna grab another awesome set. Well, remember this giant here cuz we gonna need the Seed of Giants and i don’t know when this item appears, but… I went there, examined and got it. And let’s make the trade here then. and see if we can get the Set of Solaire So let’s get the item list, you can check it now Basically is This Drink here that you can gain from Siegward of Catarina after Helping him with the “White Diablo” And i’m going to leave this selected We need One Homeward Bone too And ,where is it This Urn here , and And the Seed Of Giants Of course, as I said earlier then let’s go, leave it all selected and let’s see lets see..

Iron Leggings! Iron Helmet! The Iron Bracelet And finally the Armor of the Sun man, so fucking cool fucking great So we got the Set of Solaire Very Cool, A Icon from Dark souls 1 Lets equip it The Thunder Urn is sold by one of the npcs, if it does not appear, it will appear later But you can find it around Well,This is it Let’s make a Toast to Solaire .

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