Hey guys its Inferno here today And I’ll be showing you all my excellent new PVP build My thought process for this build was to use a couple of buffs to supplement my already amazing Skillfull playstyle Also chose to use the Estoc as my weapon of choice since a very underused underrated weapon And it has really and powerful moves that I really enjoyed using as you can see here this guy i’m about to fight just is really impatient and laid down on the ground because he’s bored of watching the Cast for sure or something? I mean it only takes me like a minute man grow up. I swear kids these days are so spoiled with their on-demand Media and whatnot But now that I finished casting buffs.

I am ready to fight I’m gonna start using my awesome play style to own this kiddo applying. Oh, wow what a hacker Jeez. God ugh alright now we’re going on to the next fight? so I’m up against someone using also some buffs, but definitely not enough buffs to take care of my buffs As you can see here, I’m using fall control to reduce fall damage lights, so can see me Pursuers because it sewer pursues peoples, I use flash sweat to get rid of fire reduction And then I eat a green blossom and a fire thing may give you less fire damage and then power with them and then um Was the next one oh? the Magic one and then the protection one and then I used The second chant spell because it’s important It makes it using a chance but um also uh I use the the sword this one and this one that does something too and then yeah, that’s all it’s all them I got it yeah yeah, yeah because uh it’s important to remember that buffs are a tactical asset, and you have to use them correctly Anyways this guy is actually so afraid of my buff build that he is just running away now And he is unable to fight me because he is too scared It’s cuz he’s bad, huh? He’s a noob Look at him Hes trying to throw knives at me so I just use divine blessing and get owned kid learn how to fucking play PVP? like get all my level nerd Now just running away looks like I win this one by a forfeit So I also wanted to show this fight because this is the this guy is the baddest kind of player that has ever existed There are there bad players out there who are bad, but this guy is like like the hitler of bad players as you can see What he does is he attacks me while buffing and it makes me so mad when people attack me while i’m buffing It’s so Wrong, you should never do that its wrong And this last this last fight is me showing my awesome build to my friend Luke who uh So that he could see how cool it is.

He’s like Super jealous watching The fuck is wrong with you .

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