Hello guys, Dark Souls 3 video showing you a nice path I found to farm tons of titanite shards as well as large titanite shards in the mid-game. In total it takes about 6-7 minutes depending on how efficient you are and also how well geared and what level. On average you’ll get 12 titanite shards per run, each of which has a chance of being a large titanite shard so it’s about 2 a minute so it’s pretty good. To start with, you’ll have to have beaten the Abyss Watchers, and ideally you’ll want to have beaten High Lord Wolnir as well. The start of the path is the Abyss Watchers bonfire so teleport there and then make your way into the Catacombs of Carthus. Immediately turn left, and sprint down here.

A skeleton is going to animate and just kill him really quickly before he can do anything and then make your way onto the bridge, and its these hooded skeletons that we’re looking for. They’re the ones who drop all the titanite. They’re really easy to kill just bait them into an attack and you can just permanently stagger them just knock them down. And you see a Titanite shard there. I tend to ignore all of the normal skeletons because they don’t really drop very much, so just sprint past them here. Keep sprinting, there’s an archer behind you so look out and then step on this trap and move away and the arrows will kill the archer and anyone who’s following you immediately behind you. Climb down the ladder, try not to drop down because you will take a lot of fall damage.

Keep going up this way and there’s another hooded guy here so kill him. Then move into the next room, there’s 2 in here so be careful take this one out quickly. You should be able to surprise him and then take this one out as well. What I like about these skeletons is that they’re really easy to knock over so they don’t really take much skill to beat. Now head down the stairs and when you get to the bottom. Make sure you stick to the left to avoid the ball of skeletons that rolls past then follow it in. Then hang to the left again and then get past it again. Run down this corridor and recover your stamina. Then when you see the skeletons start to animate again just sprint past them as far as you can. And then hang to the left to try and avoid pulling other skeletons from the right hand side and then you can hit the trap to kill the skeletons that are immediately behind you. Do it a couple of times just to make sure. Then there’s another hooded skeleton here, try not to go in too far because you don’t want to pull out the other skeletons.

Pull him back to the trap which you can use to stagger him. But don’t move away because he’d not actually dead he’s going to reanimate in a second. As he is hit the trap again to stagger him and then kill him quickly again, and that’s another titantie shard. Make sure you kill this guy or he’ll be a pain in this next bit. There’s another couple here and you can use the trap to take one of them out or both of them if you’re lucky. It’s a little bit buggy, sometimes it doesn’t hit them and you don’t want to hit it after you’ve attracted their attention otherwise they’ll put their shields up and won’t take any damage.

So that’s one dead and then just kill the other one normally. That’s another couple of shards. head into this corridor but don’t head out the back just wait and once the ball of skeletons heads past follow it and head into the corridor. It’s going to come back up at you, just dodge into it the reason you do this is to kill the rats since otherwise they don’t come past, there’s another rat that probably won’t get killed in that initial one, just wait here otherwise he’s guna come and nip you in the butt later. GO upstairs and immediately kill this skeleton, then dodge away and this bit’s probably the most fiddly and annoying you don’t have a lot of room to kill this guy and the camera will go berserk but just try your best. I’ve died a couple of times here but after that it’s easy.

So I got a sharp gem there, they drop quite a lot here as well. I’m not sure why you’d need to farm a huge amount of them but if you want it it’s there. Kill the archer then hang left and go back on yourself. There’s another guy here. He’s another one that reanimates in a second so just wait here and then get him again as he’s reanimating so he doesn’t have a chance to attack you. Then head down the stairs here, the first time you come here there’ll be an illusory wall so make sure you attack it and you can go through , then behind the wall there’s another guy. Head through the corridor into this sort of cavey area, and this is the last guy. Try and pull him away from the edge, I’ve knocked him off a couple of times and you don’t get the drop. And that’s basically the end of the run, just head through here and onto the bridge. You can cut the bridge if you want to kill the skeletons that are chasing you, I don’t normally bother it’s only about 200-300 souls and yeah that’s it.

I get a large titanite shard probably every other run. They’re not that common but you can farm them here, it’s the best place I’ve found so far it’s how I +6ed my weapon probably a lot earlier than I should have been able to. Anyway that’s the path, I hope you found the video useful, if you did let me know via a like comment or subscribe. As always guys thanks for watching and take care. .

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