Hey what up guyz. CHU_Neco here! Today Dark Souls 3. Second Boss goin by the name Vordt of the Boreal Valley. In this guide we show you how to beat the shit out of Vordt. Lets go for it. Vordt of the Boreal Valley is the second Boss in Dark Souls 3. He is not optional. You need to defeat him in order to get to the undead settlement. When i first encountered Vordt he gave me a hard time but after like three try, i figured out how to kill him easily.

The best way to fight Vordt is to stay as close to him as possible. You wanna try to roll through all his attacks and focus your damage on his hind legs or his crouch. Vordt also has two different phases. The first phase is relatively easy by staying underneath and behind Vordt as much as possible. The second phase triggers when Vordts HP drops down to 50%.

In phase two he will have a frost aura that will cause your frost bar fill up when you near him. But dont worry about the frost bar. It rly takes way to long to built up to be that much of a problem. As soon as you see Vordt smashin his weapon into the ground, the eyes starting to glow bluish and he scream like a rhino taking a shit, prepare yourself for his charge attack.

Roll to the left or the right when the animation start. He will do the charge three times in a row. After the charge Vordt starts using his frost breath attack, make sure to get some distance. Now is a good time to pop an estus flask and/or a green blossom which boost you stamina recovery. Get back close to him and finish him off. Vordt bit the dust. Thanx alot for watching guys. If you guys know any other good strategy for this fight, please post it in the comments below. As always, like if you like, dislike if you dont like this shit and feel free to subscribe to our channel for more awesome Dark Souls and gaming stuff. See you next time .

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