DarkEden Enchant System and Cue of Adam Guide


DarkEden Enchant System and Cue of Adam Guide by Kronos

I. Enchant System
Before start, blue drop and blue drop 2 and blue bird will not be included in this post.

I ? A. Lilith System ? Adding extra option on rare items. (Rare items : 2 optioned items)
( e.g. : An accessory with AA3+INT5 with one attempt of lilith drop could result in ?> AA3+INT5 / DEF1 + PRO1 + ALL RES 1 )
Some rare items that are not capable of using Lilith system include : Hellgarden Rewards (Ring, Bracelet) / Unique Items / Cue of Adam / GDR zaps / Relic of Oblivion / Blessing of Rose / Ethereal Chain / Ancient Knot

1. Lilith Drop
? Option : DEF, PRO, ALL RES
? Target : All kinds of armor items and accessories

2. Lilith Spirit
? Option : ALL ATTR
? Target : All kinds of magical weapon (Slayers : Mace / Cross , Ousters : Wristlet , Vampires : Claw)

3. Lilith Will
? Option : DMG, TOHIT
? Target : All kinds of physical weapon (Slayers : Gun / Sword / Blade , Ousters : Chakram , Vampires : Claw)

When succeeded ? adds bonus options on the target by +1
When failed ? removes all bonus options (if the option exists)
downgrades the target (e.g : IV ?> III , X ?> IX)

The success rate of lilith in EUS server is 70%.
And there is no limitation on lilith option which means it could be spammed infinitely (Unless, admins of EUS had made a change on it)

4. Lilith Drop 2 / Lilith Spirit 2 / Lilith Will 2
? Success rate : 100%
? Limitation : Up to +4 (Not working further than that)
The bonus options are as same as ordinary liliths which are listed above.

I ? B. Crystal
? Success Rate : 100%
? Target : Any items without option (All kinds of white colored items)
Any items with one option (All kinds of yellow colored items)
GDR Core zaps , Cue of Adam are capable of using crystal.
? Adds one of the options below with a random amount from 1 to 5 (1~3 for AA, HP/MPSTL)
Options obtained by Crystal
? Can be spammed (There is no point of removing an option, if you don?t like what you got, just use another crystal on it)

II. Cue of Adam.

After the renewal of Castles. A boss in Castle dungeon B2 drops a very special trasure

1. Cue of Adam
? A substitute item for bracelets.
? How to obtain : By killing Guardian Leader in Castle Dungeon B2. (It appears every 12 hours after last time of its death)
? To access Dungeon B2, you also must defeat 3 Yellow bosses in Castle Dungeon B1 which appear as ?Volva Medusa, Dim Gargoyle and Shaman Oaf?.
(The spawn item of them is every 6 hours after last time of their death)

List of Cue of Adams (Name ? Basic option ? Bonus Option as a set)

Cue of Adam Blue : INT+(1~5) ? TOHIT+7

Cue of Adam Green : DEX+(1~5) ? MP+20

Cue of Adam Red : STR+(1~5) ? ALL ATTR+2

Cue of Adam Black : DEF+(1~5) ? DMG+7

? Example of set option : A set of Blue+Black results in INT+(1~5) + DEF+(1~5) + TOHIT+7 + DMG+7

Blue and Green are much easier to obtain than Red and Black

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