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DarkEden How to Play Your Class Guide by Twisted

Alright since I?ve started here I?ve noticed a lot of things. Mainly, people don?t know how to play their classes properly. I?ve watched vamps lethal themselves to death against an enchanter and while playing slayer I?ve watched enchanters buff themselves and run into darkness and get raped leaving the rest of their party without buffs. For this thread I?ll just be giving some people some strategies on how to sorry man play their class properly so you don?t suck and get your party raped by another race.

For slayers, I play a healer. Something I was always told while learning to play healer (properly) was to always put your party first. Healers are a support character, not a hero character. It?s nice to have as many of your party members with you when fighting ouster/vampire parties. This means if you?re stuck in a goddamn mob instead of trying to kill the mob / spam the ouster or vamp with your skills. Use peace and free yourself to go resurrect your teammates, this is another skill I noticed a lot of healers not using. When you use peace on monsters (works on goregland, reaper, guison, keeper, reds too) you?ll become invisible to that monster (the skill is aoe, effects pretty much every monster around you) for X amount of time or until you hit them again. This is a very useful skill to get yourself out of a mob or to just survive at night.

I?ve seen little to no chanters using sanctuary or mercy ground. Now I don?t know why they don?t, maybe you?re scared of getting raped maybe you?re just bad at DE. But nevertheless chanters need to start using these skills. Enchanters when by themselves are pretty decent ?hero characters? but when you?re playing with a healer, you?re the healers bitch (this goes for pretty much every slayer class and I can?t stress this point enough. IF YOUR HEALER IS ALIVE, YOU STAY ALIVE, remember that line). The main purpose of sanctuary is obvious, you trap a vampire for your party to rape them. Now don?t get me wrong 7/10 times you will be killed while trapping the person because they?re gonna spam the Sorry out of you to get away. If you have a good healer with you, you have nothing to worry about because you?ll be ressed almost instantly.

As for mercy ground, this is another amazing skill chanters have. Mercy ground blocks hellfire, bloody wall, darkness, acid swamp. Use your brain for a second and think, how do 99% of gunners get killed by int vamps? When they?re in turret, cast sorry man mercy ground underneath them. That way they can?t be darknessed, acid swamped or bloody walled which equals to a very sorry man invincible gunner if they?re in a mob. The best way to use these two skills together is to cast sanctuary then mercy ground right after. If you have a healer in your party (if he?s decent) he should cast regen on you to help you. While mercy ground is so that the rest of the party can see the poor vampire you trapped in sanct.

Bladers, now bladers I don?t have very much experience with but look. You have a shit ton of STR which makes you a tank which means your job in a party is to get as close as possible to whatever you?re fighting so you take all the damage while your party rapes the living Sorry out of them. Whether it be an ouster or a red lich, get up to them and spin the Sorry out of them so they can?t do anything. Dragon tornado is nice but wild typhoon is even nicer. I can?t stress how important spinning a mage npc/player is because their only weakness is how shitty they are at taking damage. If they can?t move = they?re avoiding Sorry all.

Gunners and install trap, gunners are pretty straight forward classes. I don?t have much experience with these characters either but there are a lot of skills that are being overlooked. Install trap being one of them. Most people say it?s a useless skill because it?s impossible to get someone with it but if you think about it, it?s really actually easy to. For instance if a combat ouster or melee vamp is spamming you with close range skills, cast install trap and take a step back. I?m sure we?ve all tried to attack someone out of range and noticed how your character will automatically move forward to attack. 9/10 vamps/ousters wont realize you?re casting it. It makes no animation other than the casting skill which will simply look like you?re failing to cast something. My advice? Use sniping and walk away so they get trapped in your trap. Sniping also gives a great tohit bonus for the first few shots. Install trap, take a few steps back with sniping, spam the Sorry out of them with rocket and repeat. It works even better in a party.

Sworders are probably the most straight forward class. Keep your buffs up, bike crash and spam your 140 (or 161 rare) and 130 whenever you can. Blitz sliding and hit convert is a good way to critical characters too and works wonders against mage chars. You also have probably one of the most epic 161 (non-rare) skills on these v6 servers. This skill pretty much rapes any ouster because of how much silver they get from this skill. I would advise you to carry a separate sword gilded with silver (silvering gets expensive) so that you can switch over during pvp.


Vampires are probably one of hardest classes to play followed by healers and enchanters. But if you play them right, you?ll be able to kill anything.

Melee vamps, these characters are pretty much unstoppable with a good set. The only thing that gets you killed when playing a good melee char is human error (meaning don?t be a kind and you?ll stay alive). I can?t tell you how many times I?ve watched vamps kill themselves while phantoming/lethaling a fully buffed chanter. Your BEST strategy as a vamp is to trap someone in a mob and batstorm them from out of range. This kills every single slayer with ease. Be prepared to be flamed by the poor whelp you just killed but who cares, he?s on the ground and you?re not. As for ousters? You?ll never win a tank fight with them unless you have a fight. So your best bet is to be a bitch and just rapid and spam batstorm (they?ll chase you so just let them walk into your batstorm). If you can keep out of range from these fuckers you?ll be good.

Int vamps, these characters are pretty shitty until much higher levels. But they are still very useful in pvp. I have nothing wrong with para but if you?re tired of being a paranoob and still want to be useful? This is how. When you?re in a party it?s simple, keep abb/darkness on the thing you?re trying to kill. Let your melees do the rest. If they can?t see, they can?t fight. Yellow poison chanters and healers (yes healers) because that 3 seconds it takes them to remove yellow is three seconds less time they have to ccw the melee that?s trying to buttfuck them. Wing your teammates and don?t try and tank fight ousters or slayers, you?ll lose, badly. With bloody wings you play the role of a healer so remember, your party comes first.


There?s no strategy or skill involved with this race, if you suck at slayer/vamp, make an ouster.

This took a long time to write out and I?m pretty stoned right now so it probably wont make much sense if you?re reading it. But if you do manage to make sense of it and actually read the whole damned post, leave feedback and suggestions.

Thx <3


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