Darkfall Digging Guide


Darkfall Digging Guide by zzapp the witch

Its been about a year, and I came back to the game surprised that it seems no one?s figured out digging yet. Since I had digging to 100 in a couple of days of spare time, I figured I?d fill you in.

First, throw out all those stupid myths about near nodes, special lines in the grass or glowy spots in the terrain. All you need is a shovel and the ability to count to 20. (This will be hard for players that associate with VAMP).

Digging skill only increases when there is a success. There are 2 types of successes: the ?nothing here? and the ?you have found something? messages are both indicators of a successful dig. The third message, ?You have failed at digging.? is a flat fail. You get nothing of benefit from this.

Next thing about digging is distance. There must be a minimum distance between digs. My toon is an elf, and my minimum distance is 40 steps (I count my left leg moving 20 times). Now, I have found that even with the distance, you can?t dig in two spots, back and forth, over and over; same thing for a triangle. BUT squares consistently give successes.

For example, the top of the elevator shaft in Calfadar was an exact 40 pace square for me (running the center of the walkway), I dug in each corner and would have multiple successes in a row. Pacing this square for the other races can give you a good idea of the span for them.

At lvl 75 digging I would get 9 things per dig, and at 100 I get 11-15 things per dig. These can be a mix of any of the root foods and any reagents, to include bone and ash. The only other thing I?ve received are runestones and they are rare.

On average, in an hour of running around like this and getting the rhythm of the paced distance, I can dig up 100 each of all the reagents and veggies, and average a runestone for every 8 hours of digging.

Hope someone finds this helpful.


Edit: Set up ?Treasure Hunters of Agon? group on the Yourmom map, feel free to join and post your finds. Please only include ?non-standard? dug items: runestones, mounts, gold, armor, etc. Markers for root-foods and reagents do not belong here as you find those all over the world.

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